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The sting of Saturday night’s Game 6 World Series loss has barely abated, but the Phillies are making moves.

The team accepted Aaron Nola’s option and declined Jean Segura’s, making him a free agent. These are likely the first of several transactions the Phillies will make this offseason as they build a roster that will seek to become the second team to win consecutive NL pennants since 2010.

This is where you come in. Click through interactive maps for each player from 2022 and decide if they should return for 2023. Can’t decide? Click on the question mark under each card for our expert opinion.

— Maria McIlwain, Inquirer Sports Staff, @phillysport, [email protected].

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Does it mean what it seems to mean?

That’s the big question the Phillies wrestled with us Monday when they exercised the opt-out in Jean Segura’s contract. Barely 48 hours from their season-ending loss in Game 6 of the World Series, Dave Dombrowski and John Middleton made the one move they needed to play for one of the four elite shortstops available for free this year are. agent market. Trea Turner. Xander Bogaerts. Dansby Swanson. Carlo Correa. The names are tempting. The need is great. But is this really what the Phillies are planning?

A Philly native and former Villanova star, Mikal Bridges has few ties to Philly sports these days. He lost his love for the Sixers after they traded him to the Phoenix Suns. He joined the Los Angeles Rams because he loved the St. Louis Rams, Kurt Warner and The Greatest Show on Turf.

But Bridges hasn’t let go of his Phillies, which he holds dear because he often takes his grandfather to Citizens Bank Park. When the Phillies hit a surprise run at the World Series, he was all-in. The Suns star spoke to The Inquirer’s Gina Mizell about his experience with the team, shed light on his decision to wear Phillies jerseys at press conferences and shared his visceral reactions with live tweet sessions.

Next: The Sixers enter the first game of a home-and-home series against the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena Thursday at 7:30 p.m. (NBCSP+).

It’s good to be 8-0 up and while DeVonta Smith isn’t necessarily the first receiving option on offense this year, he’s having a lot of fun watching football unfold. AJ Brown and Dallas Goedert have been among the top receivers in recent weeks, and Smith’s reception stats have been on the decline of late. But as he told Eagles beat writer Josh Tolentino on Tuesday, “I’m always happy for the other guys, I’m always happy when someone else gets theirs. It’s fun, when everyone has a chance to have their fun, everyone has their chance to have their big game.” Watch more of Tolentino’s conversation with Smith.

Being 8-0 also means you’re everything that isn’t the Commanders and Colts — the Eagles’ two upcoming opponents who are experiencing turmoil all about embarrassing ownership.

In March, the Flyers pledged $25.5 million for bloody defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen over the next five seasons.

At the time, the move was met with raised eyebrows, both because of Ristolainen’s uneven play during his first season with the Flyers and because of the organization’s long-term focus. Eight months later, those eyebrows rose even higher after Ristolainen suffered a healthy scratch on Saturday.

Do the Flyers have a big problem? Coach John Tortorella said he is “not throwing Risto away just yet” but Ristolainen’s game so far is a little worrying.

Ristolainen took a step in the right direction Tuesday night when he went plus-two as the Flyers won their second straight game 5-1 with a commanding display against the St. Louis Blues.

Next: John Tortorella returns to Columbus, Ohio, Thursday when the Flyers visit the Blue Jackets at 7 p.m. (NBCSP).

The good news is that more than one in four televisions in the Philadelphia area were tuned in for the end of the MLS Cup championship.

Those thousands probably got to see and enjoy sights like the one shown above when the Union scored during the wild 3-3 game.

The bad news, of course, was the subsequent defeat on penalties. Last but not least, the sad faces around town prompted sympathetic conversations between football and baseball fans alike the next day.

Which 76ers manager has won the most games of all time?

Answers: A: Billy Cunningham won 454 games as a Sixers coach. Neil G was first with the correct answer.

We asked you: will the Joel Embiid-James Harden combination be a success? Among your answers:

I didn’t like what I saw of James Harden in the games he played. He often recorded much of the 24 allotted seconds of possession dribbles east and west while the baskets are north and south. It seemed his mind was telling him he could do something, but his 33-year-old body refused to do it. I believe the trade between Harden and Simmons will be fool’s gold for both teams. – Milton T

All of the Sixers’ forced pairs didn’t work. You have to let Maxey play. —Anna T

I hated this purchase from the start. Harden’s one-on-one style doesn’t improve championship ambitions. I don’t care that he’s “in shape” and accepting less money. At his age, he can’t get past elite defenders and referees aren’t as accommodating in his foul chasing. I don’t know what the answer is. We suffer from a number of missed opportunities that continue to plague this franchise. Markelle Fultz for Jason Tatum, Zhaire Smith for Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons for Jimmy Butler. —Daniel W.

James Harden and Joel will not give them a championship. — John E.

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