Stephen Jones on why cowboys passed trades

“There were some situations where we thought it could help our team and be good for us,” Jones said. “It felt like maybe things were coming our way, but we’re very happy with our team.”

Jones hinted that the Cowboys were exploring potential receiving site upgrades with other teams, but also reiterated his confidence in the team’s current receiving squad with players like CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and others.

And while he couldn’t secure a deal, Jones stressed that he feels good about where the team is, pointing to possible internal additions like wide receiver James Washington, who Jones said is close while reviewing his progress continue monitoring after injury.

“We can keep looking for ways to improve our team and we will,” he said. “But at the same time we have some people in certain positions that will be available to be taken off the IR return list who can help us.

We have guys in IR that can do that too, and James Washington in particular, who’s a veteran in this league… And then you never know what other opportunities might come up out there.

Aside from talking about the trade deadline, Jones also touched on a range of other topics ranging from Ezekiel Elliott’s progress and his knee injury and other injury updates to this year’s rookie league and the team’s chances in a wide-open NFC.

  • Jones said he believes Elliott will have a “great opportunity” to play against the Packers in Week 10 after missing the game against the Bears with his knee injury and is also looking forward to safety Malik Hooker and guard Getting Connor McGovern back. Jones also said he expects another three to four weeks before tackle Tyron Smith may start training as he recovers from his own knee injury sustained during training camp.
  • When asked about the comparison between the 2021 draft class with Micah Parsons and this year’s class with tackle Tyler Smith and Sam Williams, Jones pointed to the Cowboys’ ability to draft and develop successfully. “I hate comparing these things,” Jones said. “The good news for both classes is that we’re moving on [to] draft good. That’s a big key in my mind. Being consistent year after year means designing well and designing players who come onto the field and who help you win football games.
  • With the Cowboys holding a 6-2 record and one of the best records in the NFC during their farewell week, Jones acknowledged the team is in a good place with most of the conference struggling. “It’s tight in the NFL…” he said. “All it takes is one team to get hot and it can be a team that people don’t necessarily give a lot of credit for right now that could jump up. Our job is not to care about what others are doing. Just keep our eyes on our ball and on making our team better.”
  • Finally, before the Cowboys relinquished defensive tackle Trysten Hill on Tuesday, Jones suggested there were attempts to find a possible deal for him, but nothing came to fruition. With the addition of Hankins and others set to return from injury, Jones said they had “a tough decision to make from a numbers perspective.” Hill was claimed by the Cardinals on Wednesday.


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