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Sterling High School is working on the establishment of a new multifunctional technical room. Hee Hun Cho spoke about the need for the space and asked for support from the RE-1 Valley School Board at a regular meeting Monday at SHS.

“It happens a lot of places, it’s not just for multimedia that I teach,” Cho said of the space, where the school started work in late April. “Not only CTE (Career Technical Education), but also the rest of the school building should benefit from this.”

Housed in a former art lab, when complete the space will contain a large Vinyl Cutter printer capable of printing 54-inch and larger prints that the school can use to print T-shirts, and there will be 3D printers and also a resin printer. Cho said they also hope to have high-end computers that last more than five or seven years; With the kind of computers they are looking at, the school would be able to simply upgrade parts instead of buying whole new computer towers.

Cho explained that computer upgrades will help students get a head start in learning to use devices they may use as they enter the workforce.

The engineering room is also used for the SHS esports team, which coaches Cho. Esports is rapidly growing in schools across the US and has recently been added to Sterling Middle School. It offers an alternative for students who cannot financially afford to participate in various extracurricular activities. Through eSports, SHS students can compete live against other schools in a variety of video games across three different leagues.

“What I’m trying to do is give them an opportunity to fit in,” Cho said. “It’s a form sanctioned by the CHSAA, so we actually have a lot of regulations, the games are actually restricted to certain types, so it’s not all gory or violent, there’s some mixed games, but they make sure it’s very school-safe.” games are. It’s a lot healthier than what people think.”

The SHS team is growing, when it started in 2019 there were eight members, last year it grew to 25 and this year there are 35 players. At the moment, the team’s game room is a small room in the school library, not big enough to hold 35 people, and there are only six computers and four consoles, making it very difficult to keep up.

“We have to postpone the games and we don’t have time to practice,” Cho said.

The team has raised funds, including running the concession stand at volleyball games to raise money to help upgrade equipment and pay for attendance at the leagues.

Cho shared that many of the computers they currently have will be running, but they take them about 25 minutes to start the program and there are also issues with various computers related to the internet and ensuring that the program runs is updated. He thanked Rodney Karg, the district technology specialist, for all his support and noted that he is the only one in the district who can help with the programs.

At this point, after extensive electrical upgrades, the school has now hardwired the new technical room with internet; You only need the equipment.

According to SHS interim director Mark Appelhans, there is about $38,000 left in the Walsh fund that was earmarked for technology and science for SHS, and he’d like to see those funds go to the new tech space, but first he wants money deserve certain that these funds are still readily available. He has worked with the district’s former chief financial officer, Deb County, to verify that these funds are in place.

“I’d like to start using some of that Walsh money to maybe not buy everything at once, but maybe jump in a little bit in a couple of years,” Appelhans told the board, adding, “We also have to worry about how.” high the maintenance is going to be because with every technology in five, six years it’s going to become a bit obsolete so we want to make sure we can sustain it.”

Interim Superintendent Dr. Martin Foster told the board there are some issues with the accounting department trying to find out exactly how much is in the Walsh fund but it is being addressed.

“Once I think we’ve found those dollars and we’re confident that we have them, I would strongly recommend that we do that,” he told the board, adding that he’s confident they’d rather do it sooner than later found out.

If it is determined that these funds are available, the application will be submitted to the Board for approval.

Later in the session, a parent, Michael Stevens, expressed concern about Sterling Middle School’s parking lot where students are dropped off. He called it “chaos” and told the board that a handful of veterans had come to him as commander of VFW Post #3541 to share their concerns.

“On countless mornings and afternoons, I watch these kids scurrying across the street, playing froggy, or ultimately trying to avoid being hit by cars. I see these cars just going willy-nilly,” said Stevens, sharing those text messages with the board. The school has informed parents that due process is not working and the gate that has been put up that only says exit, “it’s still free for everyone.”

He asked if there could be crossing guards and if there could be road markings or crosswalks in the parking lot where parents stop in front of the school because there aren’t any at the moment.

“In the last week alone, on three of the five days I went to pick up my child, I encountered a car that threw the bird head-on at me while my 11-year-old child was watching because we’re driving out the exit and cars are coming from the exit. I don’t see that at any other school I go to, mainly because they have guards with vests and signs directing traffic,” Stevens said.

dr Foster said he spoke to SMS director Bob Hall and observed the problem. He pointed out how this parking lot was designed and the way people come in and through it only leads to chaos.

“If people were polite, play by the rules, stay in line, pull up, drop their kid off and wait for them to go, it would work, but what they’re doing is they go around and get through there,” he said he.

dr Foster suggested doing another traffic study.

“Without a total redesign, probably the only other solution would be to try to get a few people out in the morning and evening to direct traffic, but I really don’t have any answers for that,” he said.

Board member Joel McCracken, an engineer with the Colorado Department of Transportation, said a traffic study would likely only suggest a complete redesign of the parking lot or new marking.

Stevens said when there’s a police presence things get better, but when they go things get worse again. McCracken asked if the police department could work with the school, Dr. Foster said there was a possibility and told the board he would be in touch.

Steve Shinn shared that they have turned the concept of an SRO specifically for schools on its head, which could help with this and other issues, but have not been able to get that far.

“We will make our best efforts based on the available resources,” he said of solving the parking problem.

Earlier in the evening, the board heard presentations from FFA and FBLA students on their recent activities.

FFA Vice President Alie Sator mentioned a few fundraisers they are running, the chapter has partnered with the Logan County Burrito Company for a raffle, first place gets a burrito every week for a year, second place wins one twice a month burrito for a year and third place gets a burrito once a month for a year. The drawing will take place on November 30th; Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased at the restaurant or from any Sterling FFA member.

The chapter also sells apple pies donated by Nystrom Orchard at $20 a pie.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) President Taylor Simants and Social Media Strategist Macie Doherty talked about what the Chapter has been working on this year and noted that they built many new things from the ground up. This chapter has started producing newsletters and also created a YouTube channel with several videos that are shown during morning counseling hours to promote the FBLA and also participated in Business of Baseball Day with the Colorado Rockies part. They currently have about 50 members.


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