Taoping Opens State-of-the-Art Rest Station; New solution combines technology, portability, flexibility and cleanliness to boost smart cities

HONG KONG , November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taoping Inc. (NASDAQ: TAOP, the “Company” or “Taoping”) today announced the formal launch of a new, state-of-the-art rest area solution, a program supported by a government test mandate. The company’s new smart rest stop solution combines technology, portability, flexibility and cleanliness to drive the development of smart cities. Taoping’s new solution integrates its three core businesses: intelligent cloud service, advertising media operation, and enterprise intelligent display systems to create an all-new intelligent rest stop solution with modular and mobile space capabilities.

Taoping’s new intelligent rest station combines prefabricated public toilets with multiple functional spaces, suitable for clean, routine use by individuals and families with different needs and scenarios. With its unique and novel appearance, as well as its flexible and rich functional surface layouts, the intelligent rest station quickly wins the favor of Taoping’s partners and the market. The introduction of the company’s state-of-the-art intelligent rest stop solution, with its highly hygienic, energy-efficient and humanized design, can solve common problems of toilet construction, expensive consumables and disposal to improve the overall quality and experience to ensure compliance with environmental protection standards.

Mr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping, said, “We are excited to launch this new solution, backed by a government test mandate, to provide better access to clean facilities as a public service. The government has made clear its support for providing better access to clean rest areas in cities China given the unmet need. We consider this as another application that can leverage our extensive experience in providing display solutions in high traffic areas such as elevators and shopping malls. We spent a lot of time talking to potential partners and customers to better understand the challenges and gather ideas. We realized that we could leverage Taoping’s smart cloud advertising and display solutions and the years we’ve spent developing local area networks to potentially win a significant share of this large market in the long term, while serving our customers and To offer consumers a much-needed solution.”

“As cities reopen, routine outdoor and tourist traffic is rapidly returning to much higher, normal levels, reflecting the ongoing recovery in both large and small cities. Based on reopening trends, we plan to target busy business areas and tourist scenic spots first southern china and elsewhere as we work to quickly fill the unmet demand for public services in these areas. After that, we plan to fully leverage our city partners’ nationwide networks and established relationships with local governments and communities to promote the smart rest stops in more cities, transportation hubs, greenway parks, tourist scenic spots, core business areas and other high-value, high-flow places.”

Mr. Lin continued, “The smart rest stop market represents a large, well-established, fully additive greenfield opportunity for Taoping and aligns with our ongoing smart city initiatives. We will continue to combine the digitization rhythm of different fields, make full use of our strong technological track record and fully exploit the resource advantages of the city-twinning network, focusing on the digital business format and transformation, and building a more solid business foundation.”

About Taoping Inc.

Taoping Inc. (NASDAQ: TAOP) is a provider of blockchain technology and intelligent cloud services. The company is dedicated to the research and application of blockchain technology and digital assets, and continues to improve computing power and create value for the encrypted digital currency industry. Based on its self-developed smart cloud platform, TAOP also provides solutions and cloud services for industries such as smart community, new media and artificial intelligence. To learn more, please visit http://www.taop.com/.

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