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If you missed Lumpia with a Vengeance, the crowdfunded action comedy that recently played at the Regal Guam Megaplex, you probably have to wait for the next film festival.

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Lawrence Iriarte, a former Guam resident and the film’s executive producer, said the film does not currently have a DVD deal or distribution deal, so there is no telling if it will be available later.

Directed by LA-based filmmaker Patricio Ginelsa and filmed primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, the film stars former UFC champion Mark Muñoz, April Absynth, Katrina Dimaranan, Earl Baylon and Hollywood actor Danny Trejo.

The film is also the sequel to Ginelsa’s first micro-budget feature film entitled Lumpia.

I met Iriarte via Zoom and asked him how he would describe the film. “It’s a fun, funky Filipino family film. It’s uncompromising,” he said.

The film opens with a mysterious, raggedy-wielding avenger, played by Muñoz, returning to Fogtown in a fast-paced action sequence. Filled with special effects and graphics, the scenes included slinging and flinging lumpia as a weapon.

A crime syndicate plans to sell drugs disguised as food, but not before Muñoz, later known as “Kuya” in the film, foils their plans.

Tastemaker Entertainment: Lumpia with a vengeance

Seen in this photo is Lumpia with a Vengeance executive producer Lawrence Iriarte and director Patricio Ginelsa. Ginelsa is also the creator of the Lumpia Movie Universe.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting teenage girl, Rachel, played by Absynth, becomes involved with the Syndicate and teams with Kuya to prevent an unseen crime boss from destroying her town and her parents’ dream wedding.

Why Lumpy?

Why Lumpia?

Tastemaker Entertainment: Lumpia with a vengeance

Actor and comedian Joey Guila plays Mayor Reynaldo in Lumpia with a Vengeance. Guila recently starred in Jokoy’s Easter Sunday and has worked with ‘tastemaker’ Norman Analista to represent his fashion brand Analista & Co.

“Lumpia represents our community — it’s delicious food that’s packaged with several different ingredients coming together, and just like (Philippines), we come together from different types of ingredients (backgrounds) and represent something truly incredible,” Iriarte said.

I’ve seen the film and you can tell from its premise that the humor would be slapstick and campy. And it was.

Well, I enjoy that kind of humor, but I will say that this movie was overdone in some scenes. So if you don’t like this style, be warned.

But if you’re willing to try, watch and enjoy the film for a lighthearted celebration of Filipino culture shared in an expressive, artistic and unconventional way.

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In November 2021, the film “Lumpia with a Vengeance” became the focus of an exclusive panel discussion and screening as part of the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition.

Joey Guila, who plays a role in the film, is an actor and comedian I worked with a few years ago to represent my clothing brand, Analista & Co. Little world!

Guila plays “Mayor Reynaldo,” a role that lets his comedic skills shine. If you see the film you will know what I mean. By the way, Guila also stars in Jokoy’s Easter Sunday movie as “Tito Manny” and he is currently on tour to open for Jokoy’s sold out shows.

When I saw the film, I enjoyed seeing people on the big screen who easily looked like family, friends, and neighbors.

“Part of the Adventure”

Iriarte wanted to present positive role models. “I’ve always wanted to give our own islanders a chance to be part of the adventure… creating circumstance and adventure rather than being the end of the joke. There are many strong characters, both female and male, young and old. This is a community-based film,” he says.

The filmmakers are proud to note that the majority of the people who worked on the film – both in front of and behind the camera – are Filipino and Filipino-American, a testament to the talent in the community and a statement of inclusivity for Filipino film stories.

After its world premiere at the 40th edition of the Hawai’i International Film Festival, the film was named the winner of the coveted HIFF Audience Award for Best Story.

The film had sold-out screenings at film festivals from Hawaii to New York and at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. In November 2021, the film became the focus of an exclusive panel discussion and screening as part of the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition.

If you want to know more about the film and possibly know when it will next be shown, go to lumpiamovie.com.

Norman Analista is the founder of Analista & Co., a Guam-based fashion brand specializing in bespoke clothing. He has designed clothes for dozens of celebrities and social media influencers across the US, Asia and Europe. For unpublished content on this column, follow @tastemaker671 on Instagram. For story suggestions, email [email protected]


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