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Fresno City College’s campus computers used by students have not been updated since January 21, 2020 due to budget constraints and the COVID-19 pandemic, but changes are expected to be made to the technology that students are not using in the leave in the dark.

Jennifer Laval, the FCC’s director of technology college support services, said they’ve been working to prepare staff to come back to support students after the pandemic.

Laval said they’ve taken a lot out of the classroom during the pandemic and are working hard to bring it back into the classroom.

The Rampage found that not only was the operating system backdated, but so was the antivirus software.

Without antivirus software updates, malicious software known as malware can infiltrate computers and cause harm.

Delays in updates can cause lag and freezes during usage.

“Technology is never perfect,” Laval said. “We’ve learned so much about technology through the pandemic, what we can offer, what can be removed and what can be onsite.”

According to Laval, the team’s main focus this year is getting rid of the old Windows 7 machines on campus.

Before she got into the FCC’s technology division, there were some delays in getting replacement computers, Laval said.

A training software budget is available for FCC’s technology department.

“We didn’t have the money to support the campus,” Laval said.

Chris Martin, senior information technology technician, said the team typically updates the software each year at the start of the fall semester.

“We spend about two months in the summer getting the labs ready, preparing the lab images, and installing new versions of the software,” Matin said.

Sophos Antivirus is a district-wide implementation used on computing devices, and the State Center Community College District office maintains these updates for the campus.

Computer programmer Jesse Garcia was unaware of the backdated computers, but avoids using the campus computers and takes his laptop with him when he attends classes.

“I had no idea that campus computers were so far behind that the security of student information should be a top priority,” Garcia said.

Garcia believes it’s almost impossible to graduate from school without the right technology.

“Not all students have or can afford their own equipment and it has been absolutely necessary during the rougher times of Covid,” Garcia said. “I was lucky enough to have a family who gave me a laptop and I’m grateful for that.”

Some students don’t realize they can borrow technology from the library for the semester, Garcia said.

“I think that’s amazing, whether they’re up to speed or not, that the college is offering that,” Garcia said. “Students should take advantage of all the benefits this campus has to offer them.”

Prior to the pandemic, Laval said seven buildings, including the library, were upgraded with Wi-Fi on and off campus.

Security with IP speakers for emergency announcements will be installed on campus as part of an upcoming major network project, Laval said. The date of the installations is currently unknown.

The ticketing system, known as the helpdesk, is available to employees and lecturers from Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

The Student Help Desk is managed through the SCCCD and the Front Desk helps the students with quick fixes like password reset.


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