The 30 Best Secret Christmas Questions

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means lots of food, gifts and games to be shared among friends! One of the most popular gift giving games played this time of year is Secret Santa. To play, write the names of everyone who wants to participate on slips of paper and have each person draw one. The name of the person you drew buy a gift! After each gift is opened, the recipient guesses who bought the gift for them. It’s a fun time for everyone!

So what gift do you buy if you don’t know the person whose name you drew very well? You could go the general route and play it safe, or you could ask lots of questions to get ideas for the best gift. Whether you want to ask people close to your gift recipient to lower their suspicions, or you want each participant to fill out a questionnaire to play, we’ve got the perfect list The 30 Best Secret Christmas Questions for you to choose from!


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