The biggest gaming news for November 10, 2022

I’m going to start today’s recap by addressing Pokémon fans directly, and hope you’re all out there doing your best on social media. For those who don’t know, that’s because Scarlet & Violet’s floodgates have burst open, leaking every single new Pokemon a little over a week before launch.

However, Dragon Age fans have had a better time as they have been given a release date for the Netflix animated show Dragon Age: Absolution. Nintendo has also talked about possible backwards compatibility for its next system, so there are plenty of interesting stories to catch up on if you just keep reading.

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Every new Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet has been leaked

We’re going to get the Pokemon stuff out of the way first and no, I’m going to link all the spoilers here. You won’t have to look far to find them, though, as every single new Gen 9 Pokemon has now been leaked ahead of launch, and they’re being distributed far and wide. It’s not too surprising and something we all saw coming, especially considering one player managed to get the game early and streamed over 14 hours of the game on their Twitch channel.

Dragon Age Absolution

Dragon Age: Absolution begins streaming on Netflix on December 9th

Moving on to Dragon Age, fans who have been hungry for all that’s new in the series will finally have their prayers answered this December. A premiere date for the previously announced Dragon Age animated show, dubbed Dragon Age: Absolution, was announced today by Netflix as fans will get a more unique look at Tevinter on December 9th. Netflix has also released a new trailer that fans will no doubt be excited about now that the story details.

Switch backward compatible

Nintendo says backwards compatibility is easier than ever, but it still might not work

It feels like we’ve been waiting for a successor to the Switch for quite some time. Fans are hoping they’ll eventually be able to play current Switch titles on more powerful hardware, but Miyamoto’s recent comments about backwards compatibility suggest Nintendo’s next console might not even support legacy titles. In a recent interview, Miyamoto claims that when the company makes a new console, it wants to support games that “couldn’t be made with existing hardware.”

Kratos and Atreus

God Of War Ragnarok Collector’s Editions ship without the game

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably managed to break away from God of War Ragnarok. However, perhaps think of those who bought the Collector’s Edition of the game but have yet to experience Kratos’ journey through the Nine Realms. That’s because some editions ship without the included game, as customers are perplexed by missing game codes or steelbooks.

Kratos holds TLOU2

God Of War Ragnarok’s Ksavir Poems Reference Exclusive to PlayStation

Those of you who have Ragnarok are likely enjoying your time with it, especially the small references to other PlayStation titles found in the game. These come in the form of Kvasir Poems that can be found tucked away in hidden little crevices, each invoking a previous PlayStation exclusive. We’ll let you discover them for yourself and see if you can figure out which game each poem refers to.

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