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A healthy worker is a willing worker,” said Donna St. Louis, vice president of business development, community health and employer engagement at BayCare Healthcare System.

Donna St Louis

St. Louis is a staff health professional. She began as a registered nurse in 1978 and eventually moved into other operations and business development roles throughout her career. She joined BayCare in 2007 as Vice President of Ambulatory Imaging and Surgical Services.

At BayCare, she helped build a new branch of the business development team – Employer Solutions.

“I fell in love instantly [the concept] because I realized how much information and knowledge was missing in the employer space related to health and wellness,” she says. “BayCare is a community-based healthcare system. We are here to improve the lives of the community we serve.”

Before COVID-19, Baycare had already got the wheels in motion to bring health and wellness screening to the community. When the pandemic hit, it halted some of those efforts, but the team mobilized and turned around, taking COVID testing to places like Raymond James Stadium and Tampa International Airport.

“COVID has actually opened up a whole range of opportunities for my team,” says St. Louis. In addition, employers who wanted to find out more about infection prevention at their workplaces reported.

“COVID has been kind of a blessing. Of course we wish it never happened, but it really helped us to think outside the box how we can help our community and ultimately our employers,” she says.

Most employers have wellness dollars in their budgets, so BayCare tries to make it easy for them to determine where and how they use that money. Screenings, exercise courses and biometric screenings are all offers that employers can offer their employees through the BayCare offers.

One of the most current offers – in October – are breast cancer screenings. One of BayCare’s wellness offerings is the Mammo Party.

“An employer can bring their mammogram-eligible female employees to our locations and have a mammo party, we have some snacks, we do mammograms, we have goodie bags … we even try to make it one enjoyable experience even though it’s not really an enjoyable experience,” says St. Louis.

According to St. Louis, wellness, nutrition and exercise are the pillars of a happy and healthy workforce.

“You’re not taught that in school. You’re not being taught how to take care of your health,” she says. “I think it’s a commitment of our community to make sure we help employers do their best.”

Whether it’s facilitating screenings, encouraging activities like meditation and yoga, or offering vaccines to your team members, there are a number of ways organizations like BayCare can help keep your employees happy.

“I think in our employer solutions space we have everything that an employer really needs or can offer.”


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