The city uses technology to improve roads, water facilities and curbside recycling

The city uses technology to improve roads, water facilities and curbside recycling

The city of Arlington uses technology to provide quality services, from slick streets to safe water sports facilities that our residents have come to expect.

For example, this year the Parks and Recreation Department implemented the “Bakari-Williams Protocol” and made significant investments in installing health and safety equipment in its public swimming pools and paddling pools. Some of these additions include QR codes on signs at all watersports facilities, allowing visitors to access data from the latest water quality probe using their smartphones and automated water chemistry controllers with advanced sensors and features to create safe and clean water.

And the Department of Public Works recently completed its annual road survey, which this year focused on collecting data on the condition of roads south of Interstate 20 to help prioritize future maintenance and construction projects.

Find out more about the Bakari-Williams Protocol and the annual street survey in the latest Leverage Technology newsletter. This edition also includes a new $73,000 grant aimed at reducing contamination in the recycling stream and four national awards won by the Office of Communication for successful innovations in communications and marketing.

All of the City Council’s priority quarterly newsletters are produced in digital format, allowing for layers of additional video content and important links.

Arlington City Council has identified leverage technology as one of six priorities. Technology is an essential aspect of everyday life and has a significant impact on our organization, residents, visitors and businesses. It’s also an integral part of realizing the city’s other priorities: Investing in our economy, supporting youth and families, enhancing regional mobility, fostering great neighborhoods, and building unity.

Also in this edition:

  • The City of Arlington was recognized with four Savvy Awards at the 2022 3CMA Conference
  • Implementation of the Bakari-Williams Protocol – 2022 Splashpad water quality improvements completed
  • NCTCOG awards $73,000 grant for new print and digital reach
  • Campaign to increase recycling and reduce contamination
  • Annual sidewalk survey collects data on road conditions in South Arlington

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