The “Haunted” doll lures curious visitors to the local North Side store

SAN ANTONIO – Whether the calendar shows October 31st or not, Halloween is never far from the mind of anyone who walks into a North Side store.

Located on Thousand Oaks Road off Jones-Maltsberger Road, Stickers ‘N Stars is filled with the imagery of every horror lover’s dreams.

The collection of masks on the shelves is almost like a who’s who of horror movie characters. (KSAT 12 messages)

There are costume components as well as collectibles, most of which are modeled after and based on characters from popular scary movies.

“I’ve always loved collecting everything horror-related,” says Candy Dulxenia, owner of the local company.

Dulxenia, who said she was a vampire herself, decided to turn her love into a way of making a living after watching her corporate job disappear a few years ago.

“Covid took my job and kicked it out in the street,” she said. “And then I developed this amazing place.”

While the merchandise lining their walls is enough to cause nightmares, there is one other item that is not for sale that sends shivers down people’s spines.

Known as “Sarah the Haunted Doll,” the blonde, blue-eyed, innocent-looking toy sits behind a curtain at the back of the store.

Dulxenia said she accidentally came into possession of the doll some time ago when she bought a tiny coffin from a curio dealer.

The doll, only the head of which could be seen through a round window, was already in the coffin.

“We couldn’t get them out. The coffin is not only closed, it is sealed, so to speak. It’s sealed,” she explained.

Things got even weirder, she said as she headed home. She said she heard a knock coming from the coffin.

According to Dulxenia, since Sarah’s stint in the store began, there have been unusual occurrences, such as items inexplicably falling off the shelves or being thrown around the room, and ghostly orbs appearing on surveillance footage.

Due to its scary reputation, the doll has become a major draw for the business.

People regularly pay $5 for the chance to be in Sarah’s presence.

Just in time for Halloween, Dulxenia offers people a chance to spend the night at the store while two different teams of paranormal investigators try to communicate with the entity that may be inside the doll.

The Extreme Haunt event takes place on the night of October 28th. Visit the Stickers ‘N Stars website here for more information.

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