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The wide world of Enloe sports offers students many opportunities to pursue their sporting passions, with a focus on football, soccer, volleyball, swimming and track and field. Some sports like football are in the spotlight while many other sports are less popular. But maybe the problem was never with Enloe’s (certain) sports, but with their popularity. Perhaps the most underrated sport, you might be shocked to hear that Enloe Gymnastics is not just a team but one of Enloe’s best. With a third place finish at their 2021 conference, the gymnasts are setting the standard for the sport of Enloe.

The five-person gymnastics team is a tight-knit group — consisting of Enloe’s Julia Murawski, Kylie Oliver, Amaya Crowder, Mackenzie Millwood, Karla Ferreira and Heaven Mitchell. The girls train twice a week at the Raleigh School of Gymnastics, or RSG, a club gym in North Raleigh. You may be wondering – how long has this been around? Enloe’s gymnastics team is not new at all. High school gymnastics has been around in North Carolina for several decades – and Enloe won the state championship in 1989, 2004 and 2007. However, high school gymnastics is very different from club gymnastics, where most if not all competitive gymnasts train.

The sport of gymnastics is incredibly difficult, both physically and mentally, and anyone who has known the experience of a club team knows that the experience can be grueling and, in some cases, toxic. High school gymnastics encompasses the best parts of the sport: camaraderie, competition, and training. Unlike most high school sports, Enloe gymnasts train with two other schools – Millbrook and Broughton. Schools have varied in previous years, but several high schools around the triangle train at RSG. This unique situation leads to a feeling of connectedness and support between schools and creates an overall more positive atmosphere and environment both in practice and in competition. Kylie Oliver, junior, shares, “I enjoy it because it helps you build a lot of life skills in ways you wouldn’t expect…High school gymnastics helps you build relationships with your peers from other schools. So there are people here from Millbrook and Broughton that I’ve befriended who I never would have befriended otherwise.” Second grader Kenzie Millwood agrees. “Everyone gets to know everyone in a supportive environment.”

However, competition and training are not just fun and games. The gymnasts who placed third at last year’s conference have worked hard since last season and have only gotten better. Their conference meeting, which will be held at SGA Gymnastics in Morrisville, is this Saturday, October 22nd. In terms of support from the Enloe student body, their message is clear: They just want recognition. College student Amaya Crowder shares that not everyone has to say, “Oh, we have a gymnastics team? The reality is yes there is a gymnastics team and yes they are awesome! Kylie agrees: “Like nobody knows we exist and we don’t need them to come to our meetings and stuff, just to know that we exist and that we win stuff! Nobody has a clue!”

If you’re interested in supporting the team throughout the rest of the season, find out more about their competitions here. However, the team simply asks for recognition and support – so help cheer them on if you can!


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