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The Hunna’s latest album, a self-titled joint, has only been out for a few weeks, but they know how good it is. In our review of the record, we praised their creativity and style, enhanced by singer Ryan Potter’s amazing vocals. In many ways the band is even better than their record.

That’s what Hunna said recently that their new album is a break with the form they have found in recent years. It leans more towards the guitars and their punk, garage band roots. Sure, some longtime fans of the band might not love this “new” sound right away, but the Watford rockers know it has stopping power.

So it’s extremely brave for any band (especially one with such a dedicated and passionate fan base) to play their entire new album cover to cover without exception. Despite any reservations they might have, The Hunna did just that at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Friday 5th November 2022.

And let me tell you: it didn’t disappoint.

They threw themselves into their music industry slam trash and exploded onto the stage with no intention of taking any prisoners. The brutal guitars and Jack Metcalfe’s hard-hitting drums alone were enough to fill the crowd.

However, it was Ryan’s truly stunning vocals that carried the entire setlist.

The Hunna’s more voice-led tracks, like Find A Way Out (Back To You) and Circles, blew the roof of Camden’s legendary venue. Not only did Ryan’s voice echo over the hundreds of screaming fans, it absolutely eclipsed the band’s sound. It’s really remarkable to hear that in person.

Soaked in sweat and soaked in style, Ryan and guitarist Dan Dorney exuded absolute star power and used it to build a thoughtful and exciting atmosphere at every turn.

With so many defining moments peppered throughout the self-titled album, it was a fantastically varied and pivotal performance with one message: this is the new version of The Hunna, and it’s good.

The band of course ended up with their gargantuan historical songs that will always be crowd pleasers – Bonfire, Casual etc. – and it was also exceptional to see them live. But I couldn’t help but step away from The Hunna’s confident performance and think of the subtle showstoppers hidden in their new album.

Hits like “Sold My Soul” and “Other Side” had more facets than originally shown on the record and later become regular fixtures in their setlist.

The Hunna feel they are just starting (again). Their new music reeks of inspiration and artistry, and with this new trajectory, their live performances are only going to get better in the future.

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