The ministry urges teachers to focus on technology-enhanced learning

JAKARTA (ANTARA) — The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology appealed to teachers to pay attention to the learning process that uses technology to meet educational challenges.

“The key is that we must focus on learning that utilizes cutting-edge technology and uses our human resources effectively and efficiently,” Acting Director of the Ministry’s High School (SMA), Winner Jihad Akbar, stated during the SMA lecture: is Independent Learning Platform Important for Teachers? Online webinar followed on Monday.

According to Akbar, as technology advances, students prefer self-study using various resources. They are therefore increasingly dependent on information and communication technology (ICT).

To that end, he suggested that teachers should understand that they are not the only source of information in the class, since students can now easily access various sources of information through their phones.

Teachers need to be able to guide their students in learning using different sources with the help of technology, he explained.

Akbar noted that the ministry has created a digital platform called the Independent Teaching Platform to make it easier for teachers to teach in the age of digital transformation and to support the implementation of the Independent Curriculum.

“This platform can help teachers get reference, inspiration and understanding so they are expected to develop themselves to maximize the implementation of the independent curriculum,” he noted.

He noted that the platform is adapted to the Independent Curriculum learning concept. For high schools in particular, he pointed out that the ministry is currently preparing the materials and adapting them to the state university selection policy.

“There are several features (on the platform) including inspirational videos, student assessments, teaching tools, self-paced training, proof of work, and a learning community that we hope can help teachers transform learning in their schools,” he notes.

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