The National Institute for Innovation and Technology (NIIT) and Applied Materials establish Texas’ first semiconductor device manufacturing apprenticeship

Innovative program to strengthen Applied’s technician training program and expand talent pipeline in Texas

HANNOVER, MD., November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the National Institute for Innovation and Technology (NIIT), a leader in developing the nation’s semiconductor talent pipeline, and Applied Materials, Inc. (“Applied”), the world’s largest semiconductor equipment group, announced an agreement Establish a Registered Apprenticeship Program specifically designed to strengthen the company’s engineering and assembly workers.

The innovative, skills-based program is the first of its kind in the state Texas and will leverage NIIT’s National Talent Hub to identify individuals, assess and match skills, and provide targeted training for semiconductor equipment manufacturing. Regional partners supporting the implementation of the program include: Austin Community Collegethe Texas Department of Labor and Workforce Solutions of Texas.

“Applied Materials is excited to launch this important program with us austin manufacturing facility,” said David Immenhauser, Vice President of Manufacturing at Applied Materials. “We welcome NIIT’s support in implementing a program that leverages our strong relationships Austin Community College and Workforce Solutions to expand and diversify the talent pipeline for the semiconductor industry. Program participants benefit from access to the latest learning methods from Austin Community Collegealong with opportunities to apply new skills at a high-tech employer like Applied Materials.”

NIIT has the exclusive contract of the US Department of Labor to lead the expansion of the country’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries. The Applied initiative is part of NIIT’s Growing Apprenticeships in Nanotechnology and Semiconductors (GAINS) program, which is specifically designed to address the needs of the semiconductor industry.

Applied Materials provides fundamental technologies for the semiconductor industry and supports chip production facilities around the world. The Applied initiative will include entry-level engineers and provide pathways for individuals taking GAINS pre-training courses. The program will initially focus on the roles of assemblers and technicians and will be expanded to target locations nationwide.

“The GAINS program comes at a time when the industry is struggling to maintain a flow of qualified talent – a problem that will only increase in the coming years as more semiconductor fabs emerge in the US,” he said Mike Russo, the President and CEO of NIIT. “At NIIT, we are tasked with creating the national strategy and infrastructure to develop the talent pipeline in strategic sectors. We are excited to support Applied Materials, a technology leader and the largest supplier of semiconductor fab equipment around the world. “

“Apprenticeships are industry-focused, high-quality career paths that enable employers to develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals to gain paid work experience, tuition and transferable credentials,” said the United States Department of Labor. “The department oversees Registered Apprenticeship Programs that help employers build an immediate pool of workers with the right skills for available jobs and allow workers to start earning a paycheck from day one while building skills for a new career. “

“ACC recognizes the need to work with industry to provide a workforce that will develop the skills required as technology advances,” said Dr. Laura MarmolejoAssociate Dean of Advanced Manufacturing Programs at Austin Community College.

Austin’s The booming employer landscape and low unemployment rate are contributing to the challenge of finding qualified candidates for many new positions, but Workforce Solutions Capital Area is strategically responding to this growth for the benefit of both job seekers and employers in our region,” Tamara Atkinson, CEO of Workforce Solutions Capital Area, said. “Learned from our existing apprenticeship programs, we were able to creatively envision apprenticeships in other non-traditional industries such as manufacturing. We are excited to partner with Applied Materials and NIIT to further expand these valuable opportunities.”

About the National Institute of Innovation and Technology (NIIT)

NIIT is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to identify and ensure that barriers to innovation in strategic industrial sectors – important to national security and global competitiveness – are identified. Talent pipeline development is the primary focus of NIIT, and through extensive industry engagement, NIIT leads the deployment of a national strategy and infrastructure to expand and build the talent pipeline for the semiconductor industry and strategic industry sectors. Through its National Talent Pipeline Development Initiative and federal government support, NIIT has developed a comprehensive, nationally integrated approach that includes aligning K-12 programs through higher education and adult and veteran education and infrastructure to attract a broader population and improve access, Connections to careers and required training, and ability to scale to support the nation. Visit for more information.

About applied materials

Applied Materials, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMAT) is the leading provider of materials engineering solutions used to manufacture virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. Our expertise in modifying materials at the atomic level and on an industrial scale enables customers to turn possibility into reality. At Applied Materials, our innovations enable a better future. Learn more at

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