The new Web3marketplace BRB demystifies blockchain and makes the groundbreaking technology more accessible to the masses

The Web3marketplace aims to reduce consumer distrust and improve the pace of crypto adoption among people who are not entirely convinced.

Houston, TX – (NewMediaWire) – November 11, 2022 – As the world moves toward digitization, fraud and cybercrime have impacted the pace of crypto adoption. Although crypto and blockchain technologies have been around for more than ten years, people still view them with confusion and full of risks. For this reason, BRB, a central marketplace for Web3 applications, is trying to make a difference.

A major gray area that consumers suffer from is fraud. With a centralized marketplace for Web3 users, BRB addresses the issues of transaction risk and lack of trust that are keeping some customers from joining the crypto revolution; Now join with peace of mind.

The BRB WEB3 marketplace, scheduled to launch in October 2023, will allow physical and digital products to be purchased and delivered directly to users based on their preferences. Users can purchase their favorite products using various cryptocurrencies and fiat while utilizing the platform’s native BRB utility token at the heart of all transactions. The BRB utility token will act as a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies for people who are more used to using fiat.

Their processes are designed to help people stay protected from fraudulent transactions and resolve transaction disputes quickly. People looking to sell their products can list them through an easy-to-use web-based interface, and buyers can visit to identify the assets they are interested in. The BRB marketplace uses a centralized escrow protocol to protect funds throughout the transaction. The buyer can cover the cost of the product, blockchain fees, and platform fees with the platform’s BRB utility token. It ensures an easy transfer from buyer to seller.

The team behind the marketplace has a solid track record and has been involved in several large crypto projects. They have worked in all types of tech environments in some of the most diverse cities in the world. They firmly believe that this marketplace will change the way buyers and sellers sell assets online.

The market will also have an NFT marketplace as part of many different divisions. CEO John Nesgoda said: “We just went live on November 10, 2022 at 11am CST with the BRB token available on the Uniswap exchange. We plan to improve the crypto space through our planned marketplace and make it useful, user-friendly and secure.”

He added, “Using crypto is bloated, cumbersome, clunky and risky. We want to change that. The first version of the marketplace has full support for physical products.”

The company is confident that the product will make the blockchain space more trustworthy and lead to greater adoption. People interested in listing digital assets on their platform can visit their website or learn more about theirs Project on their White paper.

about the company

BRB WEB3 is a marketplace that will launch in October 2023, allowing physical and digital products to be purchased and delivered directly to users based on their preferences.

contact information

Contact name: John Nesgoda

Company name: BRB Direct Inc.

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone: 281-967-8552


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