“The Peripheral” is a cautionary tale about technology – “If we’re not mindful, it will be our reality”

When T’Nia Miller was a child, she was presented with an unsettling if intriguing thought: “What if we were just in a box in a lab somewhere?” she says to STYLECASTER, recalling her father’s line . “You know, we might just be ants in a box.” Miller’s father certainly isn’t the first and won’t be the last person to question the nature of human existence. The simulation hypothesis, attributed to Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom, posits that the world we think is real is merely a digital invention, simulated like a video game.

To take a more modern approach, the creators of Rick and Morty Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland propose that there are infinite realities with infinite versions of ourselves, therefore our reality as we know it doesn’t matter. All of this has a purpose. The reason we’re talking about existentialism is because it’s a topic covered in Prime Video’s latest sci-fi thriller. The Peripheryin which Miller (The Haunting of Bly Manor, Foundation, endowment) Stars. Similar to William Gibson’s 2014 dystopian novel of the same name, the show is a cautionary tale about human existence and its increasingly complicated relationship with technology.

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Courtesy of Prime Video

Courtesy of Prime Video

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The Periphery is set in the year 2032. As it depicts civilization just 10 years away, the themes presented in the series in relation to how humans interact with advances in technology are particularly relatable. Miller stars alongside Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays the main character Flynne Fisher. Struggling to pay her mother’s mounting medical bills, Flynne plays virtual reality video games on behalf of wealthy clients who pay her to upgrade her character using an avatar she and her brother Burton (Jack Reynor ) share (such a thing already exists). exists for online games like World of Warcraft; it’s called paid level boosting). When Burton is offered the opportunity to test out the beta VR technology, Flynne plays in his place and she is tasked with stealing a valuable secret from the mysterious research institute. But the quest goes awry, and Flynne realizes this is unlike any game she’s ever played. Using a simple headset, someone has managed to open the door to Flynne’s consciousness, and she awakens in London almost 70 years in the future. Everything she sees and feels is real. As seductive as London is, it also poses risks to Flynne’s life and those of her loved ones. If multiple timelines, philosophical questions, and the pitfalls of technology sound familiar to you, that’s why The Periphery will be brought to you by western world Creator Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy as executive producers.

London in 2099 is where we meet Miller’s character, Cherise, as the cold and calculated leader of this secret organization bent on reclaiming what was stolen from her. She possesses “the power of Facebook”, i.e. the ability to wield more power than a person should, as Miller explains: “I’ve always been kind of drawn to the bad guys and villains because they’re seen as a little funnier”, she says, delivering her Cherise dialogues in her scenes in a particularly menacing yet dignified manner.

“The Periphery”

The show got Miller to echo that sentiment. “I’m a cave dweller, sort of living in my own little bubble,” she says. “I think I wore a VR set once in my life, which is very fun and advances society is a great thing… But what’s so clever about that? The Periphery is that many science fiction series are set worlds away and have nothing to do with our reality. But this? This can happen in an instant. That’s not even 70 years in the future. It’s like 10 years in the future. Look at how far technology has already come and evolved, and if we’re not careful, that’s going to be our reality.”

If you know your way around western world, you’ll understand the feeling when you watch a few episodes full of details that you tend to ignore, only to reflect or re-watch to realize how important they were. Expect similar storytelling in The Periphery, OK, pay attention; This isn’t a show you want to watch while mindlessly scrolling through your phone – that would actually be a little ironic.

The Peripheryl is available to stream on Prime Video, with new episodes released on Fridays. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Watch The Periphery $8.99+

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The Periphery by William Gibson

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