The Rock’s 2003 concert was phenomenal entertainment

The Rock’s run as “Hollywood” Rock in early 2003 was one of the best of his WWE career, and the first-ever “Rock in Concert” was pure brilliance, showing once again why he is the most electric man in sports and entertainment.

The Rock’s heel character targeted people as well as other wrestlers

When he eventually returned to kickstart his acting career, he was an egomaniacal Hollywood star-heeled figure, totally out of touch with the people he once shared a connection with as their champion.

It led to some of the best work of his career as he continued to draw on the comedic genius that had made him such a popular babyface. While The Rock was always brash and arrogant, it usually came at the expense of other wrestlers. Now it was the people too.

Rock in concert

He laughed at the fans, who cheered when he mentioned the city’s name, and ended his “Finally” slogan with a kind of insult aimed at the city. All in all, it was a brilliantly despicable but hilarious character.

The first “rock concert” was an absolute riot

The last Raw before WrestleMania 19, where The Great One was set to go 1-on-1 with Stone Cold Steve Austin for the third time, The Rock hosted its first-ever live concert in Sacramento.

There had been hints of The Rock’s guitar playing abilities in previous weeks, with the instrument regularly seen in his dressing room.

Jerry “The King” Lawler claimed the concert was historic, while Jim Ross questioned whether it wasn’t a bit egomaniacal and self-serving.

The Rock welcomed everyone to the first-ever rock concert and said he was so happy as he elicited wild cheers from the audience, as always in Sacramento.

The Great One hilariously stirred up the Sacramento crowd

He let that go with his first barb of the night, claiming the best part about being in Sacramento was that he could be out of Sacramento in about an hour and a half.

He then sang “I’m left Sacramento” to the tune of “Kansas City,” taking aim at the city’s women, asking why anyone would live there, then claiming he’d be back in May with the Los Angeles Lakers defeat them Kings of Sacramento.

The text went like this:

“I’m leaving Sacramento, Sacramento, here we go. They got some big ass women there and Rock won’t get me any.”

“Well I could take a plane, I could take a train, how do you people live here, you must be crazy.”

“I’m leaving Sacramento, Sacramento, I won’t stay;
But I’ll definitely be back if the Lakers beat the Kings in May.”

The segment is one that will be remembered for a long time

The crowd booed the life out of The Rock, who just laughed happily and no doubt found the entire segment hilarious. He was included in such laughter from King at the comment.

The segment contained other songs that satirized Stone Cold, but “I’m Left Sacramento” remains the one best remembered by everyone, especially the people of Sacramento.

The Rock performed two more concerts, one before clashing with Goldberg at Backlash 2003 and another nine years later before facing John Cena at WrestleMania 27.

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