The shopkeeper turns his soap-making hobby into a new business in New Haven

NEW HAVEN — Julia Lewler has been a loyal customer of Soap-edi since it opened in Milford last year. Now she said she became sort of an “adopted daughter” of the shop owner.

“The products have really helped people and I’ve seen my friends refer me to the company,” said Lewler.

“People have diseases like eczema and they tried a lot of traditional medicine that contains a lot of harsh chemicals and they tried their soap, the eczema started to clear up within a few days or weeks,” she added.

Soap-edi joined a growing list of new companies opening their doors in downtown New Haven offering soaps and skin care products. What is unique about the new beauty shop is that all products are handmade by owner Francia Fortune.

“I have a huge garden, so I take all the veggies and make soaps,” Fortune said, noting her love of gardening and studying the benefits of nature.


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