The South & West Washtenaw Consortium hosts Open House & Business Showcase for current and prospective students

SWWC Open House & Business Showcase 2022 will once again bring together educators and business leaders to share insights, experiences and the value of professional and technical education (CTE).

There will be interactive areas for students to participate in while visiting the classrooms/labs that interest them most. Business leaders are invited to be present to communicate current and future student employment opportunities and to answer questions about post-secondary options – for college and careers. Representatives from Washtenaw Community College (WCC) will also attend. There will be a silent auction in support of SWWC student organizations, which will include student projects and donations from local businesses.

The event will be held at Saline High School on Thursday, December 1 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and is presented by the South & West Washtenaw Consortium (SWWC) and the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC).

Year 10 students from the six districts in the consortium – Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan and Saline – are invited to take part with their families. Current 11th and 12th graders from the six SWWC districts enrolled in SWWC programs and their families are also invited to participate. Companies registering for the SWWC Open House & Business Showcase via the Open House and Business Showcase Registration Link can arrive as early as 4:00 a.m. for setup. From 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., participating companies that register can enjoy a networking event with food and refreshments provided by the SWWC Culinary Program.

10th, 11th and 12th graders can arrive at 6:30pm and meet with business/industry leaders who will be present along ‘Business Row’ where students and families can speak with representatives who provide information about their company and employment exchange opportunities for students during high school (such as paid internships within their organization), as well as employment opportunities after graduating high school with a certificate or license and upon completion of a two-year and/or four-year degree.

After a 10-minute break (7:25-7:35 p.m.), students, parents/guardians, and company/industry leaders proceed to the classrooms/labs. Participants may attend more than one program (classroom/laboratory) during this time. This offers students and parents the opportunity to go to the classroom/lab that interests them most or where they are currently enrolled. Business/industry leaders aligned with a CTE program will be present in the classrooms/labs. You will have the opportunity to discuss with attendees the state of their respective industries and potential employment opportunities.

The aim of this event is to promote SWWC CTE opportunities and to connect Year 10, 11 and 12 students from Chelsea, Dexter, Lincoln, Manchester, Milan and Saline with local businesses/industries. Parents and students gain a better understanding of earning and training opportunities and can communicate with various local businesses about employment opportunities now and in the future.

“The SWWC CTE classes are more than just reading from a textbook. The classes are hands-on and reflect the real-world applications we will experience! I encourage any interested student to come to the event, check out the many programs available, and see what opportunities await you.” ~ Current Student – SWWC

“Every week I receive numerous calls from various industries asking for employees. This event aims to bring business leaders together with students to discuss various career paths and opportunities. At the same time, parents can be informed and engaged to support their child in a promising career path, to college and career, which in turn benefits the community as a whole – now and in the future.” ~ Ryan Rowe, Managing Director – SWWC

The investment of being part of this event for a company is to actively plan and articulate career paths and opportunities for potential employees now and in the future.

Ready. For study and work.

All information about the showcase can be found at:


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