The Sports Entertainment Network covers New Zealand racing from every angle with the NZTR content partnership

SPORTS Entertainment Network and SENZ will play a key role in the ongoing promotion of racing across New Zealand and will sign a multi-year content partnership with New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR).

Through the exclusive partnership, SENZ will deliver unprecedented weekly racing content in collaboration with NZTR.

This significant increase in content will range from in-depth editorial, written analysis, behind-the-scenes video content and sanctum to unique audio capabilities.

Whilst the content will have a strong presence across all LOVERACING.NZ platforms, it will also be distributed across Australian racing platforms where New Zealand racing continues to see significant growth.

The content partnership will be led by SENZ’s recently appointed Head of Racing – New Zealand, Shane Cuthbert, with a stable of leading female and male racing talent joining and helping to influence interest in New Zealand thoroughbred racing.

The partnership will create content specific to key race days, including race day previews and reports from around the country, feature interviews with key industry participants, form analysis and an in-depth look at upcoming initiatives across the industry.

Dan Smith, General Manager – Customer at NZTR said: “We realized we needed to challenge the current model to drive the next stage of our content agenda under the LOVERACING.NZ brand. As we looked at the options a partnership made sense and based on the relationship that was built with SENZ it was a natural progression.”

The content partnership will result in key NZTR talent joining SENZ, with a particular focus on supporting New Zealand thoroughbred racing.

“We are excited that this partnership will result in NZTR talent joining SENZ and playing a key role in the production of the special content. This is a great outcome for them personally as they join a diverse media company with broader opportunities while retaining their connection to the industry they love,” said Smith.

Sport Entertainment Network CEO Craig Hutchison said the partnership will offer New Zealand racing fans an unprecedented level of unique and exclusive content.

“We firmly believe in the direction of New Zealand thoroughbred racing and are delighted to support the Code during a period of growth, including initiatives such as the Grand Tour Racing Festival in partnership with SENZ.

“In addition to our own popular racing shows on SENZ such as The Mail Run, The Good Oil and Breakfast With The Kiwis, the opportunity to serve the industry and build a rich array of content is an honor.”


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