The top 3 professional sports teams in Maryland

We have to say that Maryland and the DMV in general are very underrated when it comes to sports. The region has seen some of the most legendary players and franchises in sports history, and Marylanders love their sport as much as anyone else in the country. One of the many reasons Maryland teams don’t get the recognition they deserve is in part due to the way major networks cover esports. Maryland isn’t as popular with big networks as places like LA or New York, and everything in between gets overlooked. But that didn’t stop the Maryland teams from gaining national recognition through their performances, solid management, and a good dose of public funding. Let’s take a look at the top professional sports teams in Maryland.

The Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are probably Maryland’s most famous professional team and one of professional baseball’s finest franchises. It was also part of the original eight teams in the American League and therefore enjoys special status.

However, the Orioles did not play in Baltimore. They first played in Milwaukee and then moved to St. Louis. After a brief stint there, the team was purchased in 1954 by a conglomerate of Baltimore business owners.

The team has won three World Series in its more than 120 years of existence and had its best period from 1966 to 1983. They had six World Series appearances during that time, which is one of the highest tally of appearances in 20 years in the history of the sport .

By far the most famous player on the team is Cal Ripken Jr., known today for having the longest number of consecutive games in history and for being one of the best shortstops to grace the game. Other great players to come out of the franchise are Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray.

The Orioles are also the state’s most popular team to bet on due to the high number of games and betting options. If you’re looking for a great place to bet on Oriole games, check out this Maryland promotion for BetMGM and get ready for its January launch.

The Maryland Turtles

Maryland doesn’t have an NBA team, but that doesn’t mean the history and culture of state basketball isn’t rich. College basketball is very big in the state, and the Terrapins are by far the most popular college basketball team. The former national champions play at the Comcast Center and have huge fan bases in Baltimore, Rockville and La Plata.

The Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are one of Maryland’s most popular teams, and while it’s a fairly new franchise, it feels like it’s been in town forever. The Ravens have always been known for their high energy and defense. Ray Lewis is by far the most recognizable player the franchise has ever had and has helped cement that identity as a tough, defensive-minded team.

The Ravens are also known for drafting great quarterbacks, starting with Joe Flacco in 2008 and now Lamar Jackson. These are two potential Hall of Famer quarterbacks, which is quite an achievement for such a young team. While the Ravens have struggled to enjoy postseason success in recent years, the future looks bright for the young roster, and we can expect Lamar Jackson to lead the team to at least one Super Bowl appearance, which will help could revitalize the franchise and put it back at the top of the NFL where it should be.


Maryland is crazy about its sport and these are some of the best teams the state has to offer. If you’re ever in Maryland, consider watching one of these teams play to see what sports in Maryland are all about.


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