CO2oons hosts the “Blockchain, Climate, Corporations and Regulations” panel at the Earth Day Pavilion

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November 15, 2022 – Co-Founder and CEO David Villaseñor and Co-Founder Matteo Petrelli today announced the formation of CO2oons, a new company founded with the goal of changing the way people think and engage with climate change Conversation. CO2oons will partner and work with the world’s leading brands to develop consumer products, educational initiatives, films, series content and events, all centered around the company’s original intellectual property: a population of creatures that inhabit the near-future Earth and evolved from the effects of climate change and are now the only living things on the planet.

David Villaseñor, Co-Founder and CEO, said: “The core of our idea is this: we will use entertainment to build an established, recognized global brand in the climate space that will inspire and connect audiences in a way that only beloved characters and stories can be able. We need to find new and innovative ways to engage people in the fight to save our planet, and we believe entertaining conversation could be an important part of the solution.”

The CO2oons leadership team includes: Co-Founder and CEO David Villaseñor, who also serves as Director of Operations for Earth Uprising International, a global youth-led climate justice organization founded by his daughter, internationally recognized youth climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor; Pete Johnson, co-founder and chief creative and marketing officer, most recently global head of creative at The LEGO Agency; Ahmet Can, Co-Founder and COO, 20-year veteran of the start-up world who has scaled multiple global organizations with three successful exits; and Matteo Petrelli, co-founder and CEO of Exeest, a leading B2B platform for licensing/buying film and television rights.

The announcement was made from the stage during the panel hosted by CO2oons: “Blockchain, climate, corporations and regulations” at the Earth Day Pavilion during the COP27 conference. CO2oons brought together panelists Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., CEO of Hip Hop Caucus and Senior Advisor to Bloomberg Philanthropies; AY Young, climate activist, producer, singer and entrepreneur; and Miles Austin, CEO of Hyphen Global AG, Managing Director of CPG Capital to discuss the overlaps, the misunderstandings, the upcoming regulations and the potential opportunities Web3 can bring to climate change. Panelists shared perspectives on the role of Fortune 500 companies and what they could do to help combat the climate crisis, the real impact blockchains are having and will have on the environmental sphere, and the role, entertainment and a more engaging one type of communication can play.

CO2oons will host a second panel on November 17th at 11am GMT+2 in the Earth Day Pavillion: “CO2oons! Bringing the youth climate movement to the web3”, with Steve Wallace, Official Institutions & Advocacy, Global Lead at Polygon Technology; Alexandria Villasenor, co-founder of US Climate Strikes and Earth Uprising International; Seb Lindner, co-founder of Web3daily; and Matteo Petrelli, co-founder of Co2oons.

Both panels can be viewed here.

The idea behind CO2oons is to create an imaginary world that can attract and entertain a global audience, using many forms of storytelling and helping to raise awareness of the state of our climate (in a fun and engaging way!) . With CO2oons we have created an IP that first comes to market as an NFT collection and then evolves into much more. We will partner and work with the world’s leading brands to create consumer products, educational initiatives, films, series content, events and more. We want our creatures to be everywhere, raising awareness and inspiring action, not just from NGOs, activists and a small group of corporations, but from as wide an audience as possible. We believe that by making the conversation fun, we can reach a wider audience and engage more people in a more personal and active way.

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