The University of Arkansas hires Deposition Technology Ltd. of Dalrada Corporation to build a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition tool

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dalrada Financial Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO) (“Dalrada”) announced today that its subsidiary Deposition Technology (“DepTec”) has been awarded a contract by the University of Arkansas to build a deposition system that will ultimately help to enable an uncomplicated processing and efficient way to mass manufacture SiC devices and circuits.

The purchase was made possible by DepTec’s partner, CSI Semiconductor Solutions Ltd., and the machine itself – a Novellus C1 PECVD system – will be used to deposit insulating layers critical to the silicon carbide chip manufacturing process.

A well-known workhorse in the semiconductor world, the Novellus system is a stable and reliable platform that is being remanufactured to meet the university’s unique specifications, particularly the new Multi-User Silicon Carbide (MUSiC) research and manufacturing the campus facility.

A key mission of the facility is to bridge the gap between basic research and mass production by offering industry-standard prototyping. The Novellus C1 will play a crucial role in achieving this mission.

Commenting on the new deposition tool, John Ransom, Managing Director of the MUSiC Research and Fabrication Facility, said: “We are pleased to announce that with the purchase of the Novellus Concept 1 from DepTec and CSI Semiconductor Solutions, MUSiC is on track to achieve industry compatible to provide functions.”

DepTec Director Rob MacKenzie shared Ransom’s sentiment and is excited about the project and its importance to the future of DepTec design-in control improvements at this cornerstone of the deposition arena.”

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About the deposition technology

Deposition Technology (DepTec) was formed in 2004 to provide Varian refurbished PVD systems including the 3180/3190, 3290 and XM-90 systems and the Novellus Concept 1 and 2 PECVD systems.

Over the years, the company has developed remanufacturing capabilities and robust upgrades for legacy systems to keep them running while updating them with the latest technology and advanced features.

In 2014, DepTec developed its own unique PVD system, the EVOS, and entered the OEM arena. The company has now installed several systems to support the manufacture of equipment used in the latest medical and communications products.

DepTec innovates with continuous R&D programs, developing the next generation of precision devices and upgrades. Visit for more information.

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About music

The University of Arkansas’ multi-user silicon carbide manufacturing and research facility will be the only publicly accessible manufacturing facility in the United States. The new facility will not only offer commercial opportunities to industry, but will also be open to researchers and position itself as a teaching facility to educate the next generation of semiconductor researchers and engineers. For more information, see UAPower.Group/MUSiC.


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