They Who Hear The Sea Genshin Code

They Who Hear The Sea Genshin Code. With this, you can unlock the treasure chest and finish they who hear the sea. In this genshin impact guide, we will share the code to open the treasure chest and we will also explain how you get the code for the locked treasure.

They Who Hear The Sea quest guide Genshin Impact chest
They Who Hear The Sea quest guide Genshin Impact chest from

Learn how to unlock this quest, how to complete the quest, the locked chest code, and quest rewards in this guide! I must admit, this is a tricky riddle to solve, and i applaud the developers on their cleverness. 11:38 2 unlock the treasure chest.

11:38 2 Unlock The Treasure Chest.

One shell will give you a quest called they who hear the sea when you pick it up. Genshin impact locked chest code in “they who hear the sea” quest. Scroll below to understand how the clue works.

The Genshin Impact They Who Hear The Sea Quest Gives You A Treasure Chest That You Have To Unlock By Finding The Correct Code.

With the fog cleared and the sun shining, the search for treasure in genshin impact is hotting up. If you’re just here to grab the genshin impact locked chest code, you can find it right below: You don’t even get much of a hint.

Search For Treasure On Twinning Isle Dig The Area Where The Hilichurl Is At.

They who hear the sea is a world quest in the golden apple archipelago in genshin impact 1.6. As you travel around the archipelago, you. This conch can be found on twinning isle, directly across from the spawn point.

All You Need To Know.

This quest is free quick loot, as long as you have the code in genshin impact’s golden apple archipelago event area, the they who hear the. Here’s a walkthrough and guide of they who hear the sea in genshin impact. Listening to the conch will activate the quest they who hear the sea. the quest will also mark a spot on.

The Reason Why This Is The Correct Code Is Because It’s Related To The Echoing Conch On Twinning Isle.

Let's listen to the sounds inside those conches again. 4 stones pound water rocks puzzle (reward 3 luxurious chest) 12:14 0 clue 1. 13:49 1 set water level to 3 (bottom)

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