“This game was for Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese”

After the Seattle Seahawks’ 27-13 win over the New York Giants, Geno Smith did not seek revenge on his former team.

“I’m excited to be here in Seattle,” Smith said. “I spent a year with the Giants. That year was like a blur for me. My life has evolved from there. I have no regrets towards anyone there. In fact, for me this game was for ( (former Giants Coaches) Ben McAdoo and (former GM) Jerry Reese. They believed in me. As for everything else, I don’t really care. I’m happy to be here in Seattle. It’s like family here. Feels like too I’m just enjoying my time here and keep working hard with these guys and just trying to be the best we can be.

During his only season in New York, McAdoo used Smith as a starter, breaking Eli Manning’s Ironman streak. However, after the Week 13 loss to the Raiders, McAdoo and Reese were fired, and Manning returned as a starter.

After that tumultuous season, Smith spent a year as a replacement for Philip Rivers with the Chargers. He then moved to Seattle, where he sat behind Russell Wilson for two seasons.

Now full-time starter Smith has shone, leading the Seahawks to a 5-3 record, the only team in the NFC West over .500.

In Sunday’s win over Big Blue, Smith threw for 212 yards and two pass TDs with zero INTs for a 104.0 passer rating. It was Smith’s fifth game of the season with a 100+ passer rating, the most in the NFL. Geno has generated six games with multiple passing TDs this season — he’s had seven such games in his previous nine seasons.

“He’s the real deal, we see it,” said coach Pete Carroll. “There’s no secret or ‘Oh, he’s going to run out of gas or anything.’ It’s not like that. He knows exactly what he’s doing and he’ll show you week after week, litter after litter after litter. We can only hold him in the highest of hopes, really. What an exciting story for the boy. He just persevered so hard and got through it and now he’s enjoying all the fun of it, he’s done great.

Carroll, 71, is delighted with his club starting with Smith and proving all the pre-season forecasters wrong. The Seahawks, locked into the Reconstruction squad, have now won four of their last five games.

“This is really something special,” said Carroll. “This is a very special opportunity right now. It was because of all the hype and circumstance and all that and the challenge and the doubt and all that stuff.

“You know, all the people doubting like you’re losing – we run with the ball too much, you don’t understand football and he can’t keep up with the new game and all that stuff – that’s a bunch of crap, say me to you Look, we’re fine. We’re fine. I don’t mind proving it day after day.


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