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Staff Photo / Brian Yauger. Warren JFK’s Aidan Rossi breaks a tackle in the Eagles’ win over Southern Local.

CANFIELD – Some teams have a “Lord. Do it all” that can place itself anywhere in the lineup and do anything a team needs.

Quarterback, running back, receiver, linebacker, safety, you name it, they can play it.

Kennedy has two.

Both Aidan Rossi and Caleb Hadley have spent significant time under center for the Eagles this season, and it continues to pay off.

In the words of coach Dom Prologo, the pair was Hadley and Rossi “Thunder and lightning” for the eagles.

“Aidan is a kid who can do anything for our program and Caleb is a grown man.” said prologue. “These two are a fantastic double whammy. I guess we could call them ‘Lightning and Thunder’.”

Hadley and Rossi’s Thunder and Lightning connection was 59 yards between them, including a 36-yard reception by Rossi from Hadley.

Rossi put the first dent in the scoreboard on the defensive side, picking up a mishandled punt and bringing it home.

While that of the team “Blue Storm” Defense worked its wonders on Saturday, the offense did exactly what it needed to do, amassing a total of 301 yards during their regional semifinal win.

Rossi mentioned that after Kennedy’s Week 3 win over Garfield, becoming more versatile was a goal for the Eagles.

The Eagles obviously have guns; They just wanted to use them more.

One way to achieve this was to involve both Hadley and Rossi more in the passing game.

“After that Garfield game, we realized we needed to be more versatile.” said Rossi. “We had to find different weapons in the field. We worked at the practice every day. We’ve been working on our timing. We’re obviously a run-first team, but if we can pass the ball successfully, that’s a good day.”

The versatility is paying off for the Eagles as they have just one blemish on their record, a 28-14 loss to the still-undefeated Mogadore.

As well as versatility, there is a constant drive to keep improving in all aspects, which shows in the way the team carries itself. You want to be dangerous to compete against them.

“We just want to get better every day and every game” Said Hadley. In these last few games we’re just trying to get together and play really hard, play physically, play with a lot more swagger and really be a threat to everyone.

The added benefit of having two more than capable quarterbacks on the roster is that they can complement each other and leverage each other’s skills.

“It is very important,” Said Hadley. “If one day something doesn’t work, the opportunity to get in and run with someone else is really great and I think we’ve done pretty well.”

There’s also an obvious chemistry with the couple. Swapping representatives with your best friend deepened their bond.

“Off the field we’re probably best friends” said Rossi. “We also do everything together on the football field. We both play both ways, so it’s nice.”

Prologo and its staff have tried to include as many players as possible.

“I think the coaching staff have a great plan every week,” said Rossi. “We follow the game plan, which includes versatility. We’re just going to stick to the game plan week to week and hopefully we can say it.

With a trip to the state Final Four, the Eagles’ next matchup is in Danville.

It won’t be easy, it never is at this stage of the game, but if Kennedy sticks to what he does best, Rossi likes his chances.

“The keys are always physically in the foreground. Our front seven have to dominate every game, our defense has to dominate in every aspect and special teams and offense have to play their part as well.” said Rossi. “It’s a three-way game and we have to win in all three aspects.”

The game against Danville is scheduled for 7 p.m. at a location to be determined.

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