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Just in time for Christmas shopping, Google is updating the Gmail app with a package tracker. The new feature eliminates the need to check in with third-party apps — Gmail itself scans for tracking numbers and displays a “delivery status” bar at the top of the message. Over time, Google also hopes to crystallize a “delay” alert that flags shipping issues, possibly before the sender’s own delay notification is sent. Google hopes to roll out the feature in the coming week, although the service will remain strictly “opt-in.”

Today we’re taking a look at an adjustable multi-tool, a hunting bag set and a powerful 4WD electric bike. This is Today in Gear.

In progress today is our daily round-up of the latest product announcements, drops and news from Gear Patrol Studios. Send your most pressing product questions to [email protected].

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A luxurious sweater made with exceptional care

Crafted from wool sourced from rare Bluefaced Leicester sheep, Sunspel’s Luxury British Wool Jumper ($835) is a soft, carefully crafted piece you’ll want to spend every day in. Manufactured entirely within 150 miles of the company’s Long Eaton factory, it celebrates what the brand calls “local luxury”. Each undyed sweater is designed with a ribbed pattern and a soft, fitted rib neck, showcasing the rare, natural color of the wool. Each sweater is made slowly, revealing a one-of-a-kind piece that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Gerber launches its first customizable multi-tool

This week the company introduced its new fully customizable center-drive custom multi-tool ($155+). When buyers originally “build” their center drive, they can choose from four different tool packs, nine color options, and a wide range of laser engravings. Those looking to take the tool a step further can also opt for the brand’s Center Drive Plus tool pack, which is available in either a satin or black finish. Pricing for the new Center-Drive Custom starts at $155 (plus a $10 customization fee).


adidas Golf releases its own version of the OG Samba

Released today, the adidas Samba OG Limited Edition ($120) is a new twist on the brand’s classic Samba. The new shoe builds on adidas Golf’s previous ‘Endless Summer’ collection and finally gives fans what they want: a classic black and white Samba built for golf. The shoe features a white leather upper with a suede toe overlay. Unlike the classic football samba, this version’s rubber outsole profile has been redesigned to ensure excellent grip on the golf course.


Duck Camp’s Belted Game Bag Set also doubles as a great gear hauler

For those trekking to the blind, this hunting bag is all you need. The set consists of three bags made of waxed canvas, which sit on a high-quality leather belt. Users can remove or reattach the bags to customize their cargo to their needs. Durable, water-resistant and customizable, the bag set is also a great set for the casual hiker, angler or collector. The full set retails at $169 and is sure to come in handy on your next hike.


Hummer introduces a new all-wheel drive e-bike

Equipped with “all-wheel drive on demand”, the wild new e-bike offers everything you would expect from Hummer. Designed with Shimano gears, hydraulic four-piston brakes and over 160+NM of torque, it’s a beast. Even without knowing that the bike has a powerful battery (rated at up to 21 amp-hours), onlookers will be amazed by the bike’s fat, “puncture-proof” four-inch-wide tires. Its twin motors can reach a peak power of 2,400 watts – and push the bike to over 45 km/h. The bike will go live in early December, with $3,999 pre-orders starting today at the link below.


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