Top 10 world news: Russia calls the West, British politics is new, more news

Russia’s defense minister calls US and UK counterparts and voices escalation concerns in Ukraine

The rare phone call between Russia’s defense minister and his Western counterparts came on a day when a Russian missile attack on Ukrainian-controlled Mykolaiv destroyed a block of flats on Sunday (October 23).


“The world needs China,” says Xi after his third term as Secretary-General, on par with Mao

In his brief victory speech at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, Xi vowed to work diligently, adding that “the world needs China.”


British politics: Rishi Sunak officially announces candidacy for prime minister and says he wants to fix economy.

Announcing his candidacy, Sunak said the UK is a great country “but we are facing a deep economic crisis” and that is why “I am running for leader of the Conservative Party and your next Prime Minister”.


Attack of Salman Rushdie: The author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ lost sight of one eye and used one hand

Rushdie was stabbed multiple times on stage while preparing to present a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York in August.


Hackers are targeting a subsidiary of Iran’s nuclear agency and demanding the release of prisoners held in recent protests

Iran’s nuclear agency acknowledged that hackers acting on behalf of an unidentified foreign country broke into a subsidiary’s network and gained access to its email system, but downplayed the importance of the leaked documents.


Russian military jet crashes into apartment building in Siberia, killing both pilots

Russia’s investigative committee, which investigates serious crimes, said in a statement that it had opened a criminal case over the incident


Italy’s first female Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni officially takes over the government at the handover ceremony

Meloni, who will now lead Italy’s most right-wing government since World War II, takes charge at a time when Italy’s debt-ridden economy is heading back into recession.


British royals not staying at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle: reports

Buckingham Palace is being renovated for 370 million euros, with taxpayers bearing the costs.

United Kingdom

Saudi Crown Prince to visit Delhi next month at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation?

The Saudi Crown Prince is reportedly set to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 14, after which both leaders are likely to head to Bali for the G20 summit.


Boris Johnson’s return as Prime Minister will ring the death knell for Conservatives: Members

Several MPs have opposed Johnson’s return, calling it the “end of the Conservative Party”.

United Kingdom


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