Top business development leaders to watch in 2022: Chris Bishop of HII Mission Technologies

Chris Bishop, HII Mission Technologies

Chris Bishop

Chief Growth Officer, HII Mission Technologies

As Chief Growth Officer, Chris Bishop’s most recent major achievement has been the successful integration of multiple growth teams from legacy companies (from HII and Alion Science and Technology) into a powerful, highly motivated growth organization in less than 60 days.

“We missed nothing, submitted a record number of proposals and achieved a book-to-bill ratio of over 2.2 in our most recent quarter,” he said.

The company built a solid pipeline totaling more than $60 billion, of which $20 billion was qualified, and positioned HII well for the future.

“HII’s Mission Technologies business is entering a year of unprecedented growth,” said Andy Green, President of HII Mission Technologies. “Much of our success can be attributed to Chris and his team and the incredible strides they have made in fostering a growth mindset and beginning to realize our vision of expanding our capabilities into high quality, differentiated solutions. Your work truly sets the stage for HII’s future success and, more importantly, ensures our customers are up and running across the board.”

Why watch

In 2022, Bishop and his team are heavily focused on defining and executing a strategy-driven pipeline to achieve industry-leading organic growth goals by pursuing large-scale technology-focused deals; providing cross-business growth synergies; maintaining a high-performing organizational culture; and optimizing an agile, efficient business development infrastructure.

Its ambitious goal is to become the nation’s leading partner for advanced mission technology solutions in the field of national security. They are focused on creating, maintaining, and enhancing the U.S. military’s technological edge in all and broad areas of science and technology, engineering, and innovation.

“Our customers’ missions matter, and speed is paramount,” said Bishop. “Our customers are facing one of the most complex and challenging times in history. Many of our customers don’t have years to deploy solutions; They now need disruptive technologies and operational capabilities. This role allows me to leverage HII’s considerable capabilities to help solve some of our clients’ biggest and most challenging ‘hard problems’.”

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