Trump tears up Fox News for hosting House Democrats and demands liberals “be kept away from conservative media”.

Trump Slams Fox News For Interviewing House Democrat Who Tried To Impeach Him Three Times: Ex-President Demands Liberals ‘Keep Away From Conservative Media’

  • Donald Trump again criticizes Fox News, which seems to be both his favorite station and his favorite punching bag
  • He slammed the media giant for airing an interview with Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green that appeared on Fox News Live Sunday afternoon
  • Green defended the Democrats’ medium-term strategy and the party’s response to the economy and rising crime rates
  • The congressman only mentioned Trump once, citing statistics that appeared to show higher crime rates in territories the ex-president won in 2020
  • “Why would Fox News make SleazeBall Congressman Al Green spit his stupidity out?” Trump then wrote on his platform Truth Social
  • Green wasn’t the only Democrat to appear on Fox News Sunday

Donald Trump called for keeping Democrats away from

Donald Trump called for keeping Democrats away from “conservative media” in a post on Truth Social on Sunday

Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News again on Sunday, this time to slam his once-popular network for hosting an interview with Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green.

The veteran lawmaker came to Fox News Live on Sunday to discuss his party’s midterm strategy and was particularly pressed for Democrats’ responses to rising crime and the high cost of living.

But Trump took issue with the media giant inviting Green in the first place – and suggested no “conservative” media outlets should give the Democrats a platform.

“Why would Fox News make SleazeBall Congressman Al Green spit his stupidity out?” wrote the ex-president on his platform Truth Social.

“It’s time to get back to basics. Let him and other Slime like him continue to ruin MSDNC and CNN who are dying.’

“MSDNC” was Trump’s favorite name for the left-wing network MSNBC.

“Are you keeping them off Conservative Media if that’s an accurate definition of what has become of Fox?” he finished it.

It’s not clear why Trump specifically targeted Green — a member of the House Financial Services Committee, the Homeland Security Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus.

He wasn’t the only Democrat to appear on the network today — Senator Chris Coons also joined Fox News on Sunday ahead of Green’s interview.

The animosity may stem from Green’s three impeachment attempts against Trump while the former president was still in office.

Green was the first House Democrat to endorse the idea of ​​impeachment against him, introducing the articles in 2017 when Republicans still controlled the chamber.

He specifically attacked Texas Democratic Representative Al Green's interview on Fox News Live

He specifically attacked Texas Democratic Representative Al Green’s interview on Fox News Live

All three of his efforts failed.

During his interview on Sunday, Green mentioned Trump only once, when he denied Republican allegations that Democrat-run areas have higher crime rates.

“According to statistics, the per capita homicide rate in 2020 was 40 percent higher in states won by Donald Trump than in states won by Joe Biden,” lawmakers said.

Fox News Sunday content is generally more objective than its evening opinion programs, and it is common for these programs to feature at least one Democratic lawmaker or expert.

But this Sunday’s attack isn’t the first time Trump has rebuked the network for its daily coverage over the weekend.

‘Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Getting worse every day,” he wrote on Truth Social on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Trump accused Green of

Trump accused Green of “spreading stupidity” on the network. Green filed impeachment proceedings against Trump three times

“So many Dems are only interviewed with softball questions, then their fellow Republicans get creamed.”

In late June, Trump criticized the network’s flagship morning show, Fox & Friends, for discussing polls showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis overtook him on a possible 2024 vote while he was discussing another poll reported in which Trump himself came out on top.

“This show was awful – it went to the ‘dark side,'” Trump wrote on Truth Social at the time.

“They quickly cite the big Turning Point Poll win by nearly 60 points over the number two Republican and then hammer me with runaways,” he added, refusing to use DeSantis’ name.

Despite the channel’s reluctance to directly criticize Trump, CNN reported in August that Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, son of media empire founder Rupert Murdoch, had openly belittled the former president internally.

Murdoch reportedly even said that another Trump campaign would be bad for the United States.


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