University of Phoenix Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research Scholars represented at international conference

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE). – 28th, 2022. The congress brings together educational researchers and practitioners interested in learning design, performance improvement and the pedagogical use of technology.

CEITR’s research labs focus on cutting-edge issues in education, putting researchers at the heart of an effective ecosystem of experts, resources and tools. Over the course of the pandemic, the transformation of educational technology has brought the CEITR focus areas of educational communication, access and learning discussions to the fore.

“We continue to focus on applied research topics in education to improve the quality of teaching and learning in K-12 and higher education,” said Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., CEIRT University Research Chair. “Our collaborative research teams study issues and challenges for online and face-to-face teaching with the goal of solving the problems and improving learner and educator experiences. The seven studies presented at AECT are examples of current studies being conducted at the center.”

The 2022 AECT presentations will cover a range of topics related to the impact of technology on student learning. There are 29 CEITR researchers presenting talks on eight research topics including:

  • Solidarity of doctoral students in different program phases;

  • Measuring Effective Online Tutoring: A K-12 Perspective;

  • Importance of Mentoring for Educational Leadership: Implications for Student Learning;

  • The grit teaching strategies and course maintenance of online adult undergraduate learners;

  • Transforming Higher Education Institutions for Practitioners to Serve Adult Learners: Moving Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic;

  • Feedback Strategies, Learner Expectations and Use in Online Higher Education; and

  • Mini-certification program to enhance faculty engagement and professional development.

In addition, CEITR grantees and faculty will lead a panel discussion entitled “How do we measure the impact of online tutoring programs at the K-12 level?”. with contributions by Danielle Kearns-Sixsmith, Ed.D., Frederick Lawrence, Ph.D., David Mailloux, MS, and Rheanna Reed, DM.

AECT is an international professional association of instructional designers, educators and professionals. This year’s virtual and in-person conference in Las Vegas, themed “Impacting Student Learning,” will offer practical applications, research, workshops and demonstrations of new technologies in teaching and learning.

More information and registration is available on the AECT Convention website.

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