Vermont’s Dynapower storage technology powers Maryland electric bus depot

The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot will eventually power 70 electric buses and provide clean transportation for residents of Montgomery County, MD. Photo courtesy of AlphaStruxure

Vermont Business Magazine Dynapower, a global leader in energy conversion and energy storage solutions based in South Burlington, has partnered with Alphastruxure and Montgomery County, Maryland, to provide energy storage that will help provide the county’s electric bus fleet with uninterrupted power through on-site generation , including renewable energy, to power resources.

The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot uses an integrated system of solar power, microgrid energy storage and electric charging stations that will eventually power 70 electric buses (50% of Brookville’s bus fleet) with 4.14 megawatts of charging capacity. Converting these 70 buses at the depot from diesel to electric, powered by the on-site clean energy microgrid, will reduce lifetime emissions by 62 percent, equivalent to more than 160,000 tons of greenhouse gases over the next 25 years.

Dynapower’s CPS-i integrated energy storage system with 3 megawatts/4.3 megawatt hours provides the microgrid battery energy storage for the depot, stores electricity for charging the electric buses and enables 100% operating capacity in the event of a grid failure. It also enables participation in a demand-response program with the Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) that supports regional grid performance and optimization for greater energy resilience for residents and businesses.

Statewide, Maryland is working toward a 50 percent zero-emissions bus fleet by 2030. The Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot aligns with county priorities to reduce emissions from public transportation while improving community and infrastructure resilience.

“We are proud and honored to support Montgomery County’s efforts to move towards sustainability, electrification and climate resilience,” said Adam Knudsen, general manager of Dynapower. “This project is in line with our own goals to power a cleaner planet and reduce global carbon emissions.”

Dynapower’s battery energy storage system at the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot will help provide uninterrupted power to Montgomery County’s electric bus fleet. Photo courtesy of AlphaStruxure

About DynaPower

Dynapower is a trusted leader in energy storage and power conversion solutions, working to power the world’s future with clean energy. With its extensive offering of inverters, DC-to-DC converters, energy storage systems, high-power rectifiers and transformers, Dynapower powers clean energy markets such as hydrogen, electromobility and energy storage, while also serving industrial and defense markets. Headquartered in South Burlington, VT, Dynapower works with its partners and customers to power a cleaner planet. Learn more at

About AlphaStruxure

AlphaStruxure is a leading Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider that designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains custom energy infrastructure, including microgrids. Unlike other EaaS providers, AlphaStruxure owns its customers’ systems for their entire lifecycle and is fully responsible for long-term results in terms of resiliency, reliability, greenhouse gas reduction and cost stability – without capital expenditure or complexity. AlphaStruxure’s unique joint venture model combines Carlyle’s capitalization with Schneider Electric’s 185+ year legacy and track record as a leading provider of microgrid technologies with over 300 successful projects across North America. As a steadfast innovator in the new energy landscape, AlphaStruxure is enabling ambitious transformations for energy-intensive private and public sector organizations. Based in Boston, MA, AlphaStruxure operates throughout North America and leverages global capabilities.

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., Oct. 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dynapower


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