Victoria 3: Technology Trees [Explained]

Your ability to put into practice the technologies you study will determine how well your nation develops. Technology research is vital in real life, so bring that aspect into play as well. The tech trees in Victoria 3 are vital, as they unlock new production techniques to use for profit, better laws for those seeking a liberal utopia, and larger armies to use to subdue your rivals.

Key Highlights

  • Your ability to put into practice the technology you study will determine how well your nation develops.
  • In Victoria 3rd, the technology trees are divided into three domains.
  • The production technology tree is related to farming and the crafting of new tools and equipment.
  • The military technology tree is related to the army and navy to improve your nation’s defenses.
  • And the society technology tree is related to your country’s standard of living and the well-being of your population.
  • Innovation tracks how quickly countries develop new technologies.

The technology tree system

Technology trees in Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Technology Trees – [Image credit: eXputer]

Industry, military, and politics all saw extreme changes over the ages, and these three areas are each represented by a different technology tree in Victoria 3. The three tech trees in Victoria 3 contain a total of about 175 techs.

Each technology depends on others, and each time either more technologies are unlocked to advance in the game. It’s a little difficult to understand, but as you start playing and unlocking more and more technologies, you’ll get better at the game.

Since their initial economies, legal systems, militaries, and diplomatic relationships depend on these technologies, many nations will start with thirty or more of these technologies already researched. High literacy rates, the number of colleges, and some government-funded educational institutions are all necessary innovators that play significant roles in the economy. The speed of technology varies from nation to nation. The top nations develop at least one technology per year.

The Victoria 3 technology system is designed to shape and change the game as the campaign progresses. Some technologies give direct bonuses to various aspects of the nation, but the primary role of most technologies is to open up new avenues of action.

As new innovations and ideas are unlocked, certain populations can demand their acceptance or rejection, which can serve as a trigger for new conditions in the nation. New technologies are often discovered with no direct impact on the nation, but open up new administrative opportunities.

Types of technology trees

As previously mentioned, the tech trees in Victoria 3 are spread across three domains. Production technology, military technology and social technology. Each technology contributes significantly to the development of your nation and therefore makes it necessary. The technologies in each tree are represented using real problems and battles, which makes the game really realistic.

Production Technology Tree

Production tree in Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Production Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]

The aim of production technology is to expand your economic potential. These innovations are often very handy, like the Cotton Gin, which increases the yield of cotton plantations, and the Explosive Dynamite, which can be used to increase yields in many types of mines. Essential labor-oriented technologies like Enclosure are mainly needed for building modern privately owned farms and ranches that use the labor force in your industrial companies more efficiently.

It opens up new avenues for crafting structures and occasionally new building types. These allow you to increase your nation’s overall wealth, employment rate, and manufacturing output. In addition, you create additional tools and gadgets. The field of production engineering is crucial if you want to increase your GDP and develop into a significant economic power. In it, inventions of the new era such as railways and automobiles are presented.

Military technology tree

Military tree in Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Military Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]

You will discover 3 army-related technologies in this technology tree in Victoria. You will build ports, strengthen your squads’ defenses, build ships, and instruct your soldiers and leaders. This part is very important if you want to be aggressive, conquer new territories and fend off attacks.

It works on all types of defense such as army and navy. This is a collection of novel ideologies, weapon technologies and organizational techniques for your officers and soldiers.

Once executed in your barracks, the moat organizes your battalions for warfare. It requires greater availability of small arms, but creates a more consistent supply of personnel and results in fewer provinces being lost when territories must be ceded to the enemy.

The navies are used to create new ship types. It also features some methods that unlock or improve the effectiveness of certain naval government orders, as well as changes to civilian ports.

Society technology tree

Society tree in Victoria 3
Victoria 3 The Society Tree – [Image credit: eXputer]

New concepts for shaping society are the focus of social technologies. Diplomacy, finance, and politics are the few concepts covered in the tree. Both Republican leadership ideas and a variety of electoral laws can be passed in a democratic system.

Many laws are locked behind certain technologies, particularly those that, once passed, unleash new institutions. Numerous manufacturing techniques for state structures are also included.

Pannationalism, necessary for the formation of certain larger nations and increasing political unrest, increases both the political influence and authority of your people. Foundational ideologies like feminism are also part of the tree, which helps unleash more ideologies. You could then emerge along with new interest leaders, turning upside down the political landscape you had so carefully regulated.

Society, which is a technology tree in Victoria 3, also helps improve your nation’s financial system. Central banking can be a good example of this. When unlocked, it expands your ability to print money and unlocks diplomatic actions to fund another nation or take over their debts.

The Society section allows people in your country to become happier. You receive rights and health benefits from the government for your welfare, thereby making more progress for your nation.

Innovation statistics in Victoria 3

Weekly innovation
Victoria 3 innovation bar – [Image credit: eXputer]

Innovation is a barometer of how intellectual and educated your population is. Your weekly innovation credit starts with 50 innovations. They increase depending on the choices you make while building your country.

Building and growing universities when you have the capacity to fully staff them is an excellent strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Universities are the most important approach to boost your uptake of innovations. You can qualify people through universities to man the buildings you usually build.

Your country’s literacy level will determine how much innovation you can leverage to actively explore your chosen technology. Even if your universities are world-class, your nation’s undereducated will make it difficult to successfully apply new knowledge.

A strong primary school system must be maintained alongside research-based universities in the nations that claim to be the model for global growth.

The research can take a long time if your innovation is not advanced enough. Until your rate of innovation is high enough to warrant a focus on it, know that your desired technology is accessible and explore alternative, less expensive technologies.

Technology Spread Stat

technology diffusion
Spread of Victoria 3 Technology – [Image credit: eXputer]

One of the three technology trees in Victoria 3 is always examined by Technology Spread. These are randomly selected from a list of technologies that at least one other nation has studied but you haven’t. Your weekly progress towards these technologies is also chosen at random, largely based on your innovativeness and literacy skills.

The level of literacy in your population has a significant impact on how fast technology spreads there. Additionally, any innovation you produce beyond the literacy cap aims to accelerate the spread of new technology.

In other words, universities that are too big for your education system can help you catch up with the rest of the world, but it will never allow you to surpass them.

Their free speech laws also affect the spread of technology. Increased censorship gives you more power, but prevents your nation from absorbing new information. This often works against you, but it could also be exactly what you wanted!

A more educated population has the disadvantage of being more open to foreign ideas. Some of them you wouldn’t have had in mind. You can focus your people on the concepts you want them to know by exerting a little more government control over what they are allowed to talk about.

last words

Time can be called the main currency of the game. The more time you invest in the game, the better your chances of building an elite empire. As you learn more and more about the three technology trees in Victoria 3, you can unlock inventions in each era to further level up in the game. If you want to advance in academic and research-oriented circles, you need to run your country fairly effectively.


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