Vorys launches ancillary data analytics and software business designed to help brands take control of their channels in the e-commerce age

Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP announced today that they have formed an add-on business, Precision eControl, which will continue to help companies take control of their online and brick-and-mortar channels.

Vorys created a new service category with the launch of its Vorys eControl practice in 2014. The practice has revolutionized the way companies can protect their brand equity both online and offline. Precision eControl, a dedicated technology and software-as-a-service company, helps brands maintain channel control, protect brand equity and grow online sales.

“For years, brand protection providers have played cautiously and struggled to achieve measurable business outcomes,” said Whitney Gibson, chairman and founder of Vorys’ eControl practice. “The purpose of the Precision eControl platform is to advance the industry by providing data analytics and tools that help brands execute precise tactics that have measurable impact on key business KPIs. The lessons we’ve learned in this area in terms of the value of accurate analysis and action are significant. Precision eControl has hired world-class data analytics and software leaders to bring these benefits directly to its customers.”

The unique platform provides precise insights to identify business KPIs disrupting online activity, analytics to focus enforcement actions where they have the greatest financial impact, and proprietary measurements to demonstrate commercial outcomes for brands.

“Our team has worked extremely hard to provide a robust and data-driven resource for brands to easily and quickly understand how to take back control of sales and brand equity,” said Blake Burrus, CEO of Precision eControl. “By consolidating channel control efforts into a comprehensive ecosystem, e-commerce owners can operate more efficiently and achieve meaningful ROI.”

To learn more about Precision eControl, visit precisionecontrol.com.

Vorys is in the midst of a multi-stage expansion of its internationally recognized eControl practice and related services. In September, Vorys announced the opening of a London office, the company’s ninth and first international office, to support eControl’s continued growth.

Precision eControl is the second add-on business Vorys has launched in as many months. In October, the company announced the formation of Vista Site Selection, an add-on company dedicated to helping companies select the most advantageous and economically viable locations for strategic investments.

About Vorys: Founded in 1909 with just four attorneys, Vorys has grown to nearly 375 attorneys in nine offices in Ohio, Washington, DC, Texas, Pennsylvania, California and London. Vorys is currently ranked among the top 200 law firms in the United States American lawyer Magazine.

About Vory’s eControl: Vorys eControl is an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, brand protection professionals, investigators, technologists and data analysts that designs, implements and executes online sales control solutions designed to drive brand growth and brand equity. Vory’s eControl has helped more than 600 brands, including some of the world’s largest companies across multiple product categories, stop unauthorized sales, diversion and violations, mitigate channel conflicts and preserve brand equity in today’s e-commerce era. Learn more at vorysecontrol.com.


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