Warner Bros. Discovery Launches First Entertainment FAST Channel

Warner Bros. Discovery’s MotorTrend Group, which specializes in automotive lifestyle content and operates the cable network MotorTrend, is transitioning to free streaming (FAST) ad-supported.

MotorTrend Group is partnering with Samsung TV Plus to launch the MotorTrend FAST channel on October 26th in the US and Canada. The channel is Warner Bros. Discovery’s first entertainment-based FAST channel and joins CNN Replay and CNN Resuma as the first forays into free-streaming ad-supported TV.

The MotorTrend channel provides access to shows from the vast library of automotive content owned by MotorTrend Group and is the next step in the brand’s expansion plan, making its content available to viewers across new and traditional media formats.

The channel will feature multiple thematic blocks, with weekends dedicated to content from two of MotorTrend’s most popular experts, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, who specialize in the theory of automotive chaos – brilliant execution of bad ideas with all manner of muscle Cars, 4x4s and/or or Hot Rods.

“The most common query among our millions of fans is ‘access’ – access to our vast catalog of premium automotive storytelling, and MotorTrend FAST TV delivers with a free, ad-supported deal that complements our digital and TV subscription offerings,” said Alex Wellen , global president and general manager of Motor Trend Group, in a statement diversity. “We can’t think of a better partner to launch this crucial pillar of our business. Samsung TV Plus offers a premium, immersive and seamless experience for its huge global audience. This is a milestone in our mission to introduce and inspire automotive culture to car enthusiasts around the world.”

The addition of the MotorTrend channel comes shortly after Samsung launched its own owned and operated automotive FAST channel, “Ride or Drive,” on Samsung TV Plus, and comes at a time when the service is expanding its FAST offering nearly every month expands.

Sang Kim, SVP of Product and Marketing at Samsung Electronics, was insightful on the addition of MotorTrend to the Samsung TV Plus channel offering diversity, “Consumers continue to fall in love with FAST as a source of high-quality live content. Samsung TV Plus’ rapid growth is partly due to our ability to offer the premium entertainment experience of traditional TV without the need for a credit card or subscription. We continue to expand and strengthen partnerships with top networks and creators, including MotorTrend, who help us bring consumers fun content they can enjoy when and how they want, from local news and sports to home, lifestyle, car and more.”

The Variety Intelligence Platform estimated in April that revenue from advertising in FAST would be $3.9 billion in 2022 and grow to $6.1 billion by 2025. This is undoubtedly a driver of MotorTrend’s entry into the rapidly evolving world of FAST, and it’s highly likely that more Warner Bros. Discovery brands will be added in 2023.

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