Warriors News: How Should the NBA Deal With Tanking?

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Though the Golden State Warriors have been too busy fighting for championships to delve into the idea of ​​tanking, it remains a “serious” issue the league continues to keep an eye on as it finds new ways to ensure that teams remain competitive throughout the season.

On Monday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did an interview with ESPN where he shared his thoughts on refueling.

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“You’re dealing with a 14 percent chance of making the first choice,” Silver said. “I realize that analysis is ultimately what it is and that it is not about superstition. A 14% chance is better than a 1% chance or no chance at all. But even in terms of simple odds, it doesn’t help a team to be the absolute worst team in the league, and even if you’re one of the underperforming teams, you still have a 14% chance of dealing with it [of winning the lottery].

“It’s one of those things where there’s no perfect solution, but we still think a draft is the way to go to rebuild your league over time. We still think it makes sense with partner teams where a decision has been made where the worst performing teams are able to fill in with the prospects of the best players. So we didn’t come up with a better system.”

One solution to tanking that’s been making the rounds lately is the idea of ​​relegation – essentially forcing teams to remain competitive or risk being kicked out of the league with another team replacing them. Silver has previously raised relegation as a possible solution to tanking, but also stressed that there is no realistic and practical way to implement it in the NBA.

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“I can’t say I was deadly serious about relegation because we don’t have the same system as European football and it wouldn’t make sense to send an NBA team to the G League or a G League team to the NBA .” said Silver.

“But obviously that’s how other leagues deal with situations like this, where they force teams to stay competitive because the consequences of being closed at the bottom of the league dramatically affect the health of the team. But it’s something, as I’ve told the people in Phoenix, that we’re keeping an eye on. We understand that we are selling competition to our fans.”

NBA owners will never approve relegation, but it’s an interesting idea as the league continues to battle tanking.

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