Waton Securities International launches broker cloud business, empowering future leaders with FinTech

HONG KONG, November 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Waton Securities International recently announced the launch of Broker Cloud (Brokerage X SaaS), a custom financial technology business solution. Thanks to financial technology, licensed financial institutions around the world can quickly set up their own digital systems through the “Broker Cloud” service in just one month to provide their users with the world’s leading mobile APP interface and excellent user experience. Drawing on its deep understanding of technology and industry, Waton Securities International, combining its experience and strengths in technology, user operations and the financial ecosystem, strives to provide compliant, secure, convenient, stable and integrated services to nearly thousands of licensed brokers and institutions worldwide .

According to Mr. Kai Zhu, Executive Director of Waton Securities International, Out of 9,678 licensed brokers worldwide, 188 have an online trading app and about 98% of them have not yet completed the development of mobile IT; There are about 1,000 digital currency exchanges worldwide with FTX as a priority, less than 10 of them have the function of trading security investments, and almost 1,000 exchanges have a demand to expand the tradable asset classes. Waton Securities International will help traditional brokerage firms and digital currency exchanges to develop mobile APPs and enrich their asset class page to allow their users to trade HK/US/A-Shares/digital currencies online.

It is understood that the “Broker Cloud (Brokerage X SaaS)” business model launched by Waton Securities International encompasses both “Brokerage” and “FinTech SaaS” services. While it has a mature interface to provide one-stop HK/US/A-share clearing and settlement services and wealth management services to licensed brokerage firms, it can also help brokerage firms/financial institutions that do not have independent IT systems (APP/Middle- end/back-end) to create and develop their own mobile applications to connect their businesses.

At present, Waton Securities International has already achieved cooperation with many licensed brokerage firms and institutions in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australiaand Nigeriasuccessfully started the broker cloud business with them and plans to enter the market step by step Europe, South East Asia, and other markets in the future. Based on its mature technology integration ability, “Broke Cloud” empowers financial institutions in multiple scenarios and helps financial brokerage firms to break the barrier of digital applications and improve service quality and customer acquisition efficiency through digital business solutions.

SOURCE Waton Securities


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