Wearable Devices and Trimble demonstrate the use of neural input technology to control the point autonomous robot

– Companies demonstrated different ways of hands-free robotic operation with the Mudra wristband at Trimble Dimensions+ Conference 2022 –

YOKNEAM ILLIT, ISRAEL and Westminster, Col., Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wearable Devices (Nasdaq: WLDS) (“Wearable Devices” or the “Company”) announced today that the Company has discontinued the use of Brain Neural demonstrated commands to operate Spot, the autonomous construction robotic solution, at the 2022 Trimble Dimensions+ Conference, taking place November 7-9, 2022 in Las Vegas.

At the conference, the operator could control aspects of the robot’s motion using neural input signals for discrete or continuous control. Discrete type control involves moving a single finger or finger tapping with a twist of the wrist. Continuous control allows the operator to operate the robot by applying gradations of pressure from the index finger to the thumb while flexing the wrist. These gestures are used to make the robot stand up, sit, stand and move in any direction.

“Working with Wearable Devices is another step toward our mission to transform the way our customers interact with and operate robots and machines,” said Aviad Almagor, vice president, technology innovation at Trimble. “A new interaction paradigm is required to effectively merge the digital and physical environments, and we believe that neural input technology can play an important role in achieving this.”

“As we move towards a digitally connected world, creating synergy between the human workforce and intelligent machines can improve efficiency and minimize human intervention,” said Asher Dahan, chief executive officer and co-founder of Wearable Devices. “Trimble Dimensions+ is an opportunity to show how neurotechnology provides a natural and intuitive user experience for the operator, increasing safety and productivity in situations where autonomous robots like Spot can be used in place of humans in potentially hazardous environments. This is just one example of how neural input technology can provide diverse industries with a common interface that augments the human workforce to increase both safety and productivity, and we look forward to exploring additional opportunities as our technology continues to gain widespread acceptance.”

Wearable Devices’ mudra technology enables hands-free and touch-free interaction of digital devices, robots and machines with the neural input mudra bracelet. Mudra tracks neural signals on the surface of the user’s wrist, which algorithms then decode and identify as finger movements or hand gestures. The interface ties each gesture to a specific digital function, allowing users to enter commands without physical touch or contact. Mudra gestures are natural to perform, and gestures can be tailored to a user’s intent, the desired function, and the digital device being controlled.

About Trimble dimensions

The Trimble Dimensions+ User Conference is a three-day, in-person event that empowers attendees to better connect as a community for education, inspiration, and innovation. The conference will provide insights into how Trimble’s industrial technology can transform the way professionals work to thrive and drive sustainability. Highlights include training sessions and specialized tracks to advance career goals, with many sessions qualifying for Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. The conference includes an offsite experience and hands-on training opportunities; keynote and executive level presentations; and an interactive expo. In addition to the in-person event, Dimensions+ also features the Spotlight Series, an on-demand virtual series focused on industry trends delivered by experts on the topics and technologies that are transforming the way we work to better connect throughout the year to contact .

For more information, see Dimensions+ website

About Wearable Devices Ltd.

wearable devices ltd (the “Company”), a growth company developing non-invasive neural input interface technology in the form of a wrist-wearable band for controlling digital devices with subtle finger movements. Our company’s vision is to create a world where the user’s hand becomes a universal input device for touchless interaction with technology, and we believe our technology will set the standard input interface for the Metaverse. Since the launch of our technology, we have worked with both business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers as part of our push-pull strategy. By combining our own proprietary artificial intelligence or AI sensors and algorithms into a sleek wristband, our Mudra platform enables users to control digital devices through subtle finger movements and hand gestures without physical touch or contact. For more information visit https://www.wearabledevices.co.il/.

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