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This is the WFHB local news for Thursday, 11/10/2022.

Later in the program, Prescription for Healthcare, a podcast collaboration between WFHB Local News and Medicare for All Indiana. More in the lower half of our program.

Also in the next half hour, Indiana Republicans secured every statewide race in the 2022 midterm election. The GOP retains its dominant majority in the statehouse. More is next in your Statehouse Roundup.

The Statehouse Summary

The Statehouse Roundup is a short, weekly segment focused on Indiana news and politics. Tune in every Thursday during WFHB Local News for a round-up of state-level news and politics.

While the red wave faltered nationally, the Indiana GOP won every statewide race. Indiana Republicans will retain their supermajority in the Statehouse as the midterms draw to a close.

In the US Senate, incumbent Todd Young defeated Democratic challenger Tom McDermott and Libertarian James Sceniak. Young won about 59 percent of the vote, while McDermott came up short with about 38 percent.

Republican Diego Morales won the race for Indiana Secretary of State ahead of Democrat Destiny Wells by about 14 percentage points. Morales has been accused of sexual assault by at least two women. He is also said to be in denial about the 2020 election results. Many predicted that the race for secretary of state would be a close race, or even expect a Wells victory. Tuesday night’s results showed that a GOP candidate with a checkered past could win the election with relative ease.

With around 95 percent of the votes cast, 10 Democrats won seats in the state Senate, while 40 Republicans were elected to office. According to the New York Times, 69 Republicans have won seats in the state House of Representatives, while Democrats have won 28 seats.

Locally in Monroe County, a report by The B-Square Bulletin news agency showed that 6.6,000 ballots were missed on the first ballot total, giving Republican Dave Hall a narrow victory in the House District 62 race. Democrat Penny Githens lost by 37 votes after missing ballots were tallied in District 62, which includes parts of Monroe, Jackson and Brown counties.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation referendum that raised property taxes to increase teachers’ salaries passed by about 69 percent of the vote.

There were three school board seats up for election this year. In District 1, Erin Wyatt defeated her opponents Tabetha Crouch and Byron Turner with around 51 percent of the vote. Ashley Pirani won the District 3 school board seat with 46 percent of the vote. Finally, Brandon Shurr ran unopposed in the 7th District.
Click here for updated unofficial Monroe County scores. For nationwide races, you can check the official list at The New York Times.

Monroe County Human Resources Committee

Photo by Benedict Jones.

The Monroe County Human Resources Committee met on November 1 to discuss updates to Midpoint’s hiring policy.

Committee Chair Pete Iverson explained what the Midpoint Hiring Policy is.

Councilor Marty Hawke said the Monroe County Jail staff raised concerns about salaries and asked if they could be included in the mid-point hiring policy.

Iverson said the policy applies to all departments and they are already included as such.

Council Administrator Kim Shell outlined the ways they proposed to change the policy and why the changes are needed when hiring part-time workers.

The next meeting of the Monroe County Human Resources Committee will be held as needed.

Monroe County Health Department

Photo courtesy of the University of Michigan.

At the Nov. 3 meeting of the Monroe County Health Department, Public Health and Public Affairs Manager Kathy Hewett briefed the panel on working with the hospital to bring e-cigarettes into the current tobacco ordinance.

She provided an overview of a grant for a harm reduction program and for the assessment and training of the Public Health Accreditation Board.

Hewett said the health department will have a year after the bill is paid to review all materials to request the completed assessment. Regarding the harm reduction program, a board member asked how much money the board had committed to the grant. Hewett replied that the board received $65,899.

Next, Monroe County Health Administrator Lori Kelley provided several updates from the Department of Health, first addressing Covid-19 at Indiana University.

Kelley then gave an overview of the further developments of the county health department.

The next meeting of the Health Committee will be in a hybrid capacity next month.

Feature Report:

In today’s issue of Prescription for Healthcare, hosts Dr. Rob Stone and Karen Green Stone with Dr. Betty Keller in Vermont on her work with a summer internship program that inspires medical students across the country. The primary goal of the internship is to develop leaders who combine a solid understanding of healthcare policy with the core values ​​of kindness and humane decency to make the US healthcare system both efficient and humane. We now turn to the November issue of Prescription for Healthcare in WFHB Local News.

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