What is Ford SYNC technology and how does it work?

Ford SYNC refers to the automaker’s factory-installed infotainment system, available on electric and petrol models. That’s how it works.

ford SYNC refers to the automaker’s factory-installed infotainment system, which is available on electric and petrol models, similar to Jaguar’s InControl and Hyundai’s Bluelink. The software was originally launched in 2007 and was designed as an in-vehicle communication system with basic functions. Bluetooth integration allowed early SYNC users to make hands-free calls and use voice commands to control the radio and media player.


Despite being a traditional automaker, Ford has now electrified its Mustang and F-150 models, with the latter gaining many new features. In addition to being a pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning can also power homes during power outages. Ford has also prioritized safety by providing driver assistance technologies that are not only tailored to handle tasks like acceleration and steering, but also improve the overall driving experience. Its Co-Pilot 360 technology includes Active Park Assist, Blue Cruise, collision warning with brake function and more.

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SYNC has evolved from allowing Ford owners to place calls through the infotainment display to supporting over-the-air software updates and many more features. SYNC 4, the latest generation, is available for touchscreens up to 15.5 inches. It also offers faster processing speed, which means services like navigation, music, and connected apps like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are more convenient to use. It debuted in the Mustang Mach-E and has machine learning and cloud computing capabilities. Its ML capabilities can be seen in how the system can learn the driver’s preferences based on frequently visited destinations, preferred contacts and more. With the collected data, it can then create a list of favorite places, people, or navigation routes.

SYNC 4 features explained

Ford SYNC2

Both the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning get SYNC 4. This system allows drivers to call people with the simple push of a button. SYNC can also instantly retrieve the names and numbers stored in the driver’s phone if permission has been granted. A voice-activated navigation system ensures drivers don’t have to use maps on their phones. Voice-activated app control allows Ford owners to access certain features with their voice. This includes playing music directly from their smartphones.

SYNC also supports remote access via the Ford Pass app. The use cases are locking, unlocking, starting and stopping the car. However, to lock or unlock the car remotely, the car needs electric door locks. Ford SYNC can be connected to Wi-Fi using the Connect feature in the Ford Pass app. The app can also be used to track Wi-Fi data usage and connect up to 10 devices to a hotspot. ford regularly delivers OTA software updates to SYNC to ensure users have the latest features.

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