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With several pro sports now in full swing, there is a lot of content around the games. When it comes to showing sports and sporting events, Disney+ has you covered. From ice skating to soccer, there are many titles for your sport.

Here are some of our favourites:

An absolute favorite is “Remember the Titans”. This is far more than just a football film. It tells the story of a high school football team that must learn to work together in times of segregation and political unrest. Despite their differences, the teammates can come together for an unforgettable football season and a truly heartwarming story. Big names like Denzel Washington and Ryan Gosling star in this film.

“The Game Plan” stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and centers on a selfish, self-absorbed pro soccer player who learns he has a daughter. It follows the ups and downs of both a football season and the learning process of becoming a parent. The film is a fun watch and offers comic relief as both the child and father get to know each other. This is just one of the movies starring Johnson. He can also be seen on Disney+, where he lends his voice MoianaRAce to the Witch Mountainand recently jungle cruise.

‘close up’ Stars John Stamos and is an episodic original offering on the Disney+ platform. There are now two seasons, with the second season premiering last month, October 2022. The story tells the audience about a private high school girls’ basketball team learning to work together and build trust.

‘Wonder’ tells the story of the US Olympic team in 1980. In that era of the Olympic Games, the players were not professional athletes but rather recreational athletes. It’s heartwarming to relive the Winter Games through the young players on the team and as they learn to work together to win the coveted gold medal from the highly favored Soviet team.

‘Ice Princess’ Stars Michelle Trachtenberg as she learns the art and craft of ice skating. What starts as a project for her grows into a true passion for the sport and an immersive journey to compete. It’s also a coming-of-age story as the main character discovers what makes her happy, even if according to her mother it’s not what should make her happy.

If you are looking for more titles, check out this feature on our site written right before the Super Bowl for more great sports titles especially for football lovers.

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