When entertainment meets entrepreneurship; How Hollywood stars deal with corporate burnout

Before the advent of the internet, an acting career was considered more of a regular job than entrepreneurship. The internet and social media have changed all that, and more power and responsibility for branding and marketing is now in the hands of the actor and his agents. Essentially, Hollywood actors today are brands that need to be promoted by the actors themselves.

As the old cliché goes, “with great power comes great responsibility,” this cliché has been translated as “with great power comes great exhaustion” for most celebrities, as many A-listers continue to complain about the exhaustion they often deal with have fight . However, this is something most entrepreneurs can identify with; it is the untold side of most success stories.

Burnout is a medical diagnosis

In an April 2020 interview with Parade, Golden Globe winner and ‘End of the Road’ star Queen Latifah admitted to needing to leave to recover from burnout. In her words, “Burnout isn’t just a word; you can be physically exhausted at a cellular level.”

The World Health Organization seems to agree, having also recently redefined burnout as a “syndrome” beginning with “Chronic stress at work that has not been successfully managed.’

Nick Komodina, founder of Impakt Industries, a mental and physical fitness company that helps leaders and athletes achieve peak performance and fitness while handling tremendous responsibilities, comments on this redefinition. “Most people who end up in Hollywood or as entrepreneurs are creative or visionary individuals who choose this path to avoid the perceived exhaustion and inflexibility of a 9-5 job, but do so when they are pushed to grow their brands , they end up in the outwork of the 9-5 workers and get even more exhausted. Burnout isn’t what you get from simple fatigue after a day or two of hard exertion, it’s what you get from consistently ignoring the fatigue of your mind or body for an extended period of time. “

Komodina is known as a perspective performance coach who believes that the secret to manifesting your full potential lies mostly in the mindset and the state of the body.

Hollywood stars are increasingly taking time off

In 2016, when many considered the peak of her career, Hollywood sweetheart Selena Gomez disappeared from social media and television for a while. Gomez later explained that she was struggling with severe burnout and had to take a career break.

The actress and singer explained that part of her recovery routine included taking a 90-day break from her cell phone; “It was the most refreshing, calming and rejuvenating feeling, now I rarely answer my phone and limited people have access to me.”

“Sometimes you just have to take a break and drop everything,” Komodina said, “Burnout will never really be cured if you stay in the same bubble that caused it for a while.” Social media has the power to throw your mind right back into that chaotic space, so it’s not advisable either. Many executives and celebrities take many vacations but never really deal with burnout because while their bodies are elsewhere, their minds are stuck in the exact same place. Avoiding burnout isn’t just about taking breaks; it means lifestyle changes, and those changes can only be made when you remove your body and mind from the chaos that demands performance.”

Singer and Hollywood queen Beyoncé has also spoken candidly about her multiple experiences with burnout. In 2011, she took a year off from work for her mental well-being. Her hiatus seemed to be doing her very well as she returned strong with her self-proclaimed, award-winning 2013 album Beyonce.

Beyonce’s stunning return exemplifies what Komodina calls “bounceback energy.” According to him, “Burnout can be very difficult to deal with; the most notable symptoms are a feeling of lack of energy, increasing mental detachment from work, cynicism about your work, and decreased professional efficiency. We have our physical and mental fitness programs, but I always strongly encourage taking time off; more importantly, we show them how to take time off because a lot of people don’t know how to turn it off.”

A-listers seek outside help to cope with burnout

In the same Parade interview, Queen Latifah also admitted to sometimes enlisting outside help when burnout seemed a little too persistent; “If I need to have conversations with my friends – my friends are a good support system – my family, but if I need to speak to someone for work, I have no problem with that either,” she shared.

Most professionals, entrepreneurs, and Hollywood celebrities are beginning to realize the importance of taking care of their energy and exhaustion. While most A-listers can afford to have mental and physical fitness coaches, others seek help.

“Sometimes it’s just wise to get your hand out of the water and let someone else pull you up.” Komodina explains, “I’ve worked closely with professional athletes who live in a constant atmosphere of intense pressure; Pressure to work at the highest level all day, every day. This type of pressure exists in most high-profile careers and if not managed well, it can lead to debilitating exhaustion and burnout. Sometimes we find that the reason people get exhausted easily is because they are self-exhausting have not learned deeply or are following a course that is not really their own. It is important to focus on the body and the mind. We have often seen people change their course quite drastically after recovery. The way we approach each case is often customized to address the specific type of pressure and strain that led to the burnout.”

“Any type of entrepreneurship is often born from a strong dream and a burning desire to build a legacy, and this desire can very often make us work ourselves to the point of exhaustion,” explains Komodina, “The human body and mind are so intertwined what affects one eventually affects the other. Burnout is like a drought that quickly dries up the sources of creativity, and many entrepreneurs in Hollywood and beyond have learned this the hard way.”


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