When is the NFL trade deadline today? Latest news, rumors and top destinations for 2022

The 2022 NFL trade deadline started early this season. No sooner had rumors swirled about Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey than the running back was dealt to the 49ers in the first major in-season trade of the year.

Although the NFL trade deadline has historically been relatively dull, 2022 has some interesting things going for it. Some teams are down but not eliminated, others are surprisingly good, and still others may be reassessing where they stand in the NFL hierarchy. The NFC in particular has seen a lot of restructuring this season, so we may see some surprising deadline shifts.

Despite the intrigue surrounding the teams themselves, few players get much deadline buzz. Running backs and wide receivers are providing the most talk this year, even after the insane receiver movement of the 2022 offseason. Teams like the Packers are in dire straits at the receiver, while several teams could use a little help running backs.

The highest quality name being thrown around is the Saints’ Alvin Kamara, who signed an extension with New Orleans in 2020. Any contender would love to have Kamara in the group, but the price of coming back would no doubt be high.

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Another more realistic name thrown around is Kareem Hunt. Hunt, like Kamara, is tied to a few competitors, most notably the Bills and the Eagles. Hunt requested a trade in the summer that didn’t materialize, but the Browns’ struggles could see them try to sell high with Nick Chubb, evident in the team’s long-term plans.

When it comes to team stories, the Packers need to find a receiver. After Christian Watson left Sunday’s game against the Bills, Aaron Rodgers tossed to most teams’ third or fourth option for the remainder of the game. Brandin Cooks, Jerry Jeudy or Chase Claypool could work there. With the Packers underperforming, they appear to be the team most forced to make a move.

NFL trade deadline moves are based on suitability, necessity and context. Teams can try to sell contracts as leases or try to become competitive again. 2022 is still wide open as a season. Are the rich getting richer? Or will a team try to work its way up the table? We’ll know what’s going to happen in the league at the end by 4:00pm ET on Tuesday.

When is the NFL trade deadline?

  • date: Tuesday, November 1st
  • time: 4 p.m. ET

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 1 at 4:00 p.m. ET. Some trades may not be announced until after 4pm ET, but all must be agreed upon and submitted to the league office before that time.

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Arguably the biggest deal of 2021 was for Von Miller to join the Rams before eventually winning a Super Bowl. Are other players traded into such perfect conditions?

Can NFL Teams Act After the Deadline?

NFL teams cannot trade after the trade deadline. Teams cannot complete the trade until the new league year begins in March 2023. The NFL hasn’t officially announced the start of the new league year, though it usually takes place on the eve of free agency.

However, teams can agree on deals in principle before the league year begins. That happens occasionally in the offseason, as we saw with the Rams’ trade for Matthew Stafford in 2021 and Washington’s trade for Alex Smith in 2018.

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NFL Trade News

27 Oct: Giants act WR Kadarius Toney to Chiefs for third and sixth rounds of 2023.

26 Oct: bears act DE Robert Quinn to the Eagles for fourth-round pick 2023.

25 Oct: robber act DT Jonathan Hankins and 2024 seventh round pick to Cowboys for 2023 sixth round pick.

24 Oct: jaguars act RB James Robinson to Jets for conditional sixth-round pick in 2023.

21 Oct: Panthers act RB Christian McCaffrey to the 49ers for second, third and fourth rounds in 2023 and a fifth round in 2024.

17 Oct: Panthers act WR Robbie Anderson to the Cardinals for 2024 sixth-round selection and 2025 seventh-round selection.

10 Oct: hawks act LB Deion Jones and a 2024 seventh-round pick to Browns for a 2024 sixth-round pick.

NFL Trade Deadline Rumors: Potential Trade Targets

The NFL expanded its postseason in 2020, with 14 teams now making the NFL playoffs. This means there are more teams chasing playoffs and therefore more buyers in the trade market.

Parity in the NFL is extremely high in 2022, meaning teams will likely be in star contests by 4 p.m. Tuesday. However, some teams, like the Texans, Lions or Panthers suddenly find themselves with a lot of leverage as it is likely to be difficult to make trades this season.

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RB Alvin Kamara – Saints

Arguably the biggest name to be talked about as of this year’s deadline is Saints running back Alvin Kamara. The Saints have disappointed this season, but so has the entire NFC South. Kamara, who plays on a five-year, $75 million deal the team signed him in 2020, would need a godfather bid to acquire it. But some teams looking to go all-in this year might choose to push their chips for the returning star.

RB Kareem Hunt – Browns

The Browns denied Hunt’s request for a preseason trade, but at 2-5 they could now change their stance. By all accounts, Nick Chubb is the star he needs to be and the Browns may have to wait for Deshaun Watson’s second year of contract to legitimately start. Hunt will be a free agent after the year, so this would be a “something’s better than nothing” situation.

EDGE Bradley Chubb-Broncos

For the second straight year, the Broncos are attracting interest in one of their top pass rushers. Bradley Chubb has a keen interest in AFC East, with the Jets and Dolphins reportedly asking about him. The Broncos have also disappointed so far this year, but Chubb has 5.5 sacks a year and is drawing significant attention at the line of scrimmage. He would be a boon for any team looking to increase their passing rush.

WR Brandin Cooks – Texans

Brandin Cooks is no stranger to being traded, but as he continues to languish in Houston, it seems increasingly likely that the Texans are looking to move their underrated No. 1 receiver. Cooks has 32 catches for 354 yards this year with Davis Mills as quarterback. Many teams need help from wide receivers this year. Cooks is about as good as it gets at this point in the season.

EN Brian Burns – Panthers

The Panthers say they don’t sell but never believe in property. Robbie Anderson and Christian McCaffrey were both disinvited before the deadline and with Matt Rhule already out, it’s likely anyone is up for grabs. The Panthers have been looking for a star quarterback for years. This design could finally bring them that. Brian Burns has five sacks so far this season and he’s been a bright spot for Carolina.

RB Cam Akers – Rams

The situation between Cam Akers and the Rams seems unsustainable. Los Angeles have scraped Akers a few times this year for “personal reasons” and Sean McVay seems uninterested in giving Akers the ball. While the team seems poised to maintain their relationship with Akers, it’s hard to imagine things going well for either side.

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WR Chase Claypool-Steelers

At this point, every fringe wide receiver should be considered as of the deadline. It’s hard to imagine the Steelers parting ways with Chase Claypool for anything more than an overpayment, but Pittsburgh will have to consider all of his options this season. The presence of Diontae Johnson and the emergence of George Pickens could help soften the blow. But Kenny Pickett will need all the guns he can get in Pittsburgh.

CB William Jackson III – Commanders

William Jackson III has the perfect name for Washington DC, but the scheme just doesn’t suit him. While he’s a very good cornerback that the Commanders were chasing freehand this year, he just wasn’t playing at the level he or the team are used to. Jackson was regularly fired defensively earlier this season for missed assignments that commanders had a hard time getting used to. He would be better in a team that plays more head-to-head.

Why are NFL trades so rare?

The NFL’s trade deadline is arguably the weakest of the big four US sports leagues as it has significantly less action than the NBA, NHL and MLB.

However, there is a reason for this. Largely, it’s because of how the NFL’s salary cap works, as Sporting News contributor Jason Fitzgerald detailed in a 2019 article.


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