Where to look for a family entertainment center GM| looking for comment on sales hours

Talent experts David Curtis of Dave & Buster’s and Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment weigh up where to find management candidates for a family entertainment center.

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Talent can come from anywhere. However, finding a culturally appropriate manager for your family entertainment center can be quite a challenge.

Company culture and values ​​play a big part in selecting leaders like GMs for your team. Settling for anyone can discourage good employees, force guests out the door, and sap the energy to get to work. This is one of the reasons why you need to consider where you are scouting for this role.

Before you can begin, you need to prepare yourself for some of the most important aspects of job hunting, such as: B. The role of the general manager, the responsibilities and the required skills and attributes.

To help you find your FEC’s next leader, we spoke to recruitment and hospitality veterans, David Curtis, Senior Director of Talent at Dave & Buster’s, and Beth Standlee, CEO and Founder of TrainerTainment, which provides training and coaching for the entertainment industry.

David Curtis

Below are places to gather prospects for the General Manager of your FEC.

Beth Standlee

1. Inside your company

Hiring local talent as a general manager has many benefits. A succession plan as part of your operations plan can help you quickly place an existing employee on the right career path.

“If your AGM, your senior manager or your AOM do something, they should grab someone who shares the knowledge. It makes it so much easier, especially in smaller organizations where we all rely on each other to run operations,” Curtis said. “Create leadership camps, host one-on-one sessions and coaching to ensure their skills are improved.”

Employees with general manager potential need constant one-on-one interviews, training and mentoring with managers. At this point, professional patience is required, because home-grown plants take time.

“Bench mentality and growing employees are very important when recruiting within the organization,” said Standlee.

“You want someone in the pipeline, in the succession plan, that you will develop, nurture, and eventually hand the keys to,” Curtis added.

When considering this type of hiring, it’s best to work directly with managers, ask them about the potential talent on their teams, and jointly manage expectations around succession deadlines.

2. Within the branch

If you want to hire a general manager from the family entertainment industry, the training and assimilation for the team will be easier.

“I’m more enthusiastic about someone who already has a heart for hospitality, because what we’re doing is like breathing — it’s already natural to us,” Standlee said.

Working at a family entertainment center involves longer hours and weekend work than working in retail or a restaurant. Hiring outside of the entertainment and hospitality industry can have consequences.

“We previously hired in retail – he was a great leader and had a heart for people. But then he couldn’t get past the 1am closing hours and worked seven days a week,” Standlee said.

Employee turnover, especially for positions like general manager, can be costly and debilitating for the company and the team.

“I have more failures than wins when it comes to recruiting from another industry. I’ve hired culturally good candidates, but they don’t understand the hospitality industry — and they actually got transferred,” Curtis said.

On the contrary, if someone wants to move from another industry to yours, it’s up to the company to take a calculated risk on the prospect.

3. Within your network

Great recruiters maximize their network when looking to fill senior positions. Here are some examples of how you can use and expand your existing networks to find candidates.

  • Use professional references as recommendations. References from your former applicants can still be useful, especially if they are from a similar background to the position you are applying for.
  • Stay in touch with other recruiters. Heed announcements of new hires from other recruiters and have the opportunity to create a common “runners-up list” for similar positions you may all be hiring for.
  • Increase your chances with your social media presence. Connecting with the right professional connections on business and recruitment platforms like LinkedIn can help you increase your chances of finding your next general manager. You can also join niche online communities of family entertainment center operators to make connections that may lead to referrals.

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