Which Greek God Is Your Parent

Which Greek God Is Your Parent. That is while his mother is sally jackson. Maybe you’re somewhere in between.

Which Greek God is your parent
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Your greek parent is zeus! The elemenalist study and masters all five elements, which are air, water, earth, fire, and spirit. This quiz will have results for the major greek gods (excluding hera and hestia) and is based off of the percy jackson series.

Like Many People, The Greek Gods Were Known For Having Children, Many Of Them Showing The Same Traits As Their Parents And Some Of Whom Couldn't Be More Opposite Than Them.

Which greek god is your parent? In the pjo series, demigods are in danger—because monsters constantly try to hunt them down. It means that wherever you go, you inspire people to have fun.

Which Greek God Is Your Parent?

For instance, percy’s father is zeus (jupiter), the god of thunder. We have formulated a test to see who your greek godly parent is, you never know you might be a demigod! This quiz is designed to determine who your olympian parent is by the answering you chose.

You Don't Follow The Rules And You Don't Care About Conventions.

Who are your true god parents? Read 10 personality traits of libra, the idealistic air sign. This quiz will act as a parental test to accurately match you with your greek god or goddess parental figure.

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That is why they are transported to a special camp that can protect them. In your quest for success, no challenge is too great. That would technically be athena since she is the goddess of architecture poseidon's daughter (75161)

They Are All Real Well Guess What One Of Them Is Your Parent.

Get started and have fun. You are a powerful demigod, a strong leader and you have high self esteem. Find out who your true greek parent is.

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