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Virtual event technology

It is important to have better technology and features when you choose the virtual event platform for your event. With the right technology, you can make a big difference and create a better experience.

Here are some of the features that might interest you to better remember.

19 Virtual Event Technologies and Features You Must Have in Your Event!

You can create a separate virtual table for participants to discuss and exchange different opinions with all participants of the event. In addition, you can create an 8-seat round table where the audience and speakers can sit and discuss a specific topic.

You can develop a tool that can be helpful in matching participants based on their interests. In addition, your audience will get a suggestion from the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology. It suggests the name that fits your demographic knowledge. Also, you can send them requests and become friends to enjoy the whole event with them.

  • Virtual Networking Lounge:

You can set up a separate lounge for your audience to connect and interact with each other. They can discuss and talk to each other about different topics.

Anyone at the event can ask for any business card and share their business card with anyone at the event. In addition, you only have to send a request and approve it.

Your audience can book a telephone appointment with each participant of the event before the event begins. In short, if your attendee has a question or wants to discuss something with the speaker, they can schedule a meeting in advance.

You can create a separate area for VIP access that only a limited audience can access. In addition, it helps you to create paid events, special delegate meetings, etc. in your event.

Your audience can chat and interact with each other throughout the event using the chat option. In addition, you can talk to your event participants 1:1 or create a group chat. It can make your virtual event more interactive for everyone present.

  • Live poll and Q&A session:

You can engage your participants via live polls by creating different questions with appropriate options. Participants can express their opinion by voting for the one they think is right. Also, you can create a separate Q&A session for attendees to ask different questions and get answers directly from the presenters.

You can offer your audience a different type of interaction, namely audio and video calls. Additionally, anyone can use the audio or video conferencing options to connect directly with anyone attending the event for a more personalized conversational experience.

You can integrate various apps and software into your virtual event. Additionally, it will be beneficial to offer your attendees a more interactive, engaging, and easy way to pay. Therefore, you can integrate WhatsApp automationZoom Meeting, BlueJeans, MS Team, Google Meet, Hubspot, Razorpay, Paypal etc.

You can keep your audience engaged throughout the event by adding the best AR/VR games to your virtual event. In addition, the virtual event solutions offer you gamification that keeps your audience busy during the breaks at the event.

  • Clap/Honk/Emoticon Reactions:

You and your audience can endure the virtual event experience with the virtual event software features. Participants can use the shouting and clapping sounds to provide real-time encouragement to the speaker during the session. Also, they can use different emojis to share their feelings and motivate the experts.

  • Text and video based notifications:

You have the option to share real-time notifications with only the best virtual job board services. In addition, they provide a feature to create uniquely personalized notifications and share them with participants. Also, you can use notifications to create various texts or videos to make it easier for the audience to watch and read.

Virtual event services allow you to add a social waa to your event. Additionally, the Social Wall is an element of your event where you can share different feeds of social posts from a variety of social media channels. You can also include content from your users and fans.

You can add an AR-based photo booth to your virtual trade show software, which can be helpful in taking selfies and creating memories. In addition, you can add different background templates to your photo booth and participants can take numerous photos and change the backgrounds. Also, anyone can create a GIF from any photos they have taken.

You can add a competitive feel to your virtual event by adding leaderboards to your event platform. All you have to do is award points for attending each part of your event and checking out all the links and other aspects. Therefore, you make the audience reach each place and your audience gets points after exploring all aspects. This allows you to offer some rewards to the participants who get the highest score on the leaderboard.

Capturing your audience’s feedback on your event and knowing their likes and dislikes better is a must. You can create a form and have it displayed on the virtual exhibition platform at the end of your event.

You can get a detailed event report with complete data about your event. Also, you can use the footprint feature to get the full activity of your attendees. This allows you to get to know the different stands and other aspects where the public spent most of their time.

Your audience can share their experiences and opinions about your event or other aspects with the signature wall.

So these are the various virtual event technologies you need for your event in 2022. Additionally, you can use your virtual event’s features and functionality to create a better experience for your global audience.

I hope you find this article helpful in choosing the right technology for your virtual event.

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