Who Is Your Greek God Parent

Who Is Your Greek God Parent. Poseidon is a greek god of the oceans, storms, and horses, and sally jackson was a mortal who had the ability to see through the mist. Mom has just painted your room while you were on vacation!

Who Is Your Greek Goddess Parent? YouTube
Who Is Your Greek Goddess Parent? YouTube from www.youtube.com

Question 4 out of 9. The pjo quiz is a set of twenty questions about greek mythology, your godly traits, and your unique personality. Your father is none other than the god of the sun.

The Mythical Stories Of Greece Reveal That There Are Twelve Gods Who Rule The World.

Who is your greek god parent? Get started and have fun. I'm not really that fond of.

Or Which Powers Do You Get By Determining Which Greek God Is Your Parent?

You have a pretty sunny disposition and you usually look on the bright side of life. God of the oceans and able to control all the creatures of the sea, poseidon is an awesome aquatic godly. So, be careful which answers you pick!

Question 4 Out Of 9.

Apollo, athena, aphrodite, zeus, poseidon, hades, hephaestus, demeter, ares, and hermes! Percy jackson was a demigod who had no clue of the power he had. Have you ever wondered who your greek god or goddess would be?

All Credit Goes To Rick Riordan, Who Put Amazing Twists On The Classic Greek Myths.

Create a post and earn points! Answer these 7 questions and we'll tell you which greek god or goddess is your parent. Because i'm drop dead gorgeous.

Your Father Is Dionysus, The God Of Wine And Fertility.

There are many, many more in greek mythology; Who is your greek god parent? You are an original being and you encourage others to be original too!

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