Whos My Godly Parent

Whos My Godly Parent. While we wait patiently for the new percy jackson series adaptation to bow on disney+, we’re fighting the urge every day to start rereading this epic series—all of its spinoffs included. Demigods, it’s time to embark on the most noble of quests:

Godly Parent helping you the parent your kids deserve
Godly Parent helping you the parent your kids deserve from godlyparent.com

I also have another quiz with iris, nemesis, kronos (don’t ask), khione, and dionysus; Get started and have fun. You are what you are today hinge on how your parents influenced you.

Who Is My Godly Parent In Percy Jackson?

Have you ever wondered which cabin you would fit into at camp half blood? This is a percy jackson quiz that will tell you who your godly parent is. Whichever one is more dominant varies from person to person, but it all begins with the parents and how you were raised.

Did You Grow Up In A Strict Household With Rules, Chores, And Curfews, Or Did Your Parents Treat You More Like A Friend And Allowed You To Do Whatever You Wanted, Whenever You Wanted?

Who is your godly parent? The godly parent quiz is the most accurate way to find out who your immortal blood belongs to. The results contain all the major gods, except hera because of what she is the goddess of.

Who Is Your Godly Parent?

Like your father, you are loved by most and inherit your grandfather, odin's, protective instincts. Minor gods and godesses as well as. Who's my godly parent? megathread.

God Of The Oceans And Able To Control All The Creatures Of The Sea, Poseidon Is An Awesome Aquatic Godly.

She's incredibly smart though so don't even think about trying to lie to her! We have to save the world. You don’t have a godly parent per se, but go ahead and make yourself at home in cabin #8.

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From your personality to the physical characteristics to the ability to handle situations depends on how you have been nurtured. Your mother is freyja, goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Sally jackson was a human who had the ability to see through the mist when she gave birth to perseus “percy” jackson on august 18, 1993.

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