Why Are Romeo S Parents Worried About Him

Why Are Romeo S Parents Worried About Him. Why are romeo's parents worried about him? They are worried about him because he is all sad and depressed.

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He's in love with someone who doesn't love him back he just found out he failed a class. The parenting styles of the parental figures in romeo and juliet affected the way main characters behaved in the drama because of behaviorism, causing them to make rash decisions, which lead them to their death. Mercutio twists romeo’s melancholy comments into sexual jokes.

As They Go Romeo Claims, Among Other Concerns, That He Will Not Dance.

Buy poison for both juliet and himself. Romeo, along with benvolio and their friend mercutio, leave for the party. They have noticed romeo likes to keep himself locked in his room, in the dark, and often goes out walking by himself.

Is Too Friendly With Their Enemies.

In act i scene i, romeo's mother and father, lord and lady montague, indicate to benvolio that they are worried about him, but they don't talk. This shows that juliet is thankful that her father has chosen a husband for her but she doesn’t want to marry him because she is in love with romeo. This makes romeo very depressed for a long period of time.

Romeo Is In Love, Or Rather, Out Of It!

That is a poor implication to read from the text. Why is romeo anxious about attending the feast. Correct answer to the question benvolio finds out why romeo has been so gloomy lately.

This Means He Was Worried Of Being Burnt In The Hell Forever.

In this case, romeo is sad is because he loved a girl that doesn't love him in return. As his father is worriedly talking about him, romeo appears. Therefore his strong believe that he happen to have hindered him from avenging for his father and started questioning on ways the ghost can be relied on.

Christopher And Roberta Laundrie Are Very Concerned About Their Son, Who Has Been Named A Person Of Interest In Connection To The Disappearance And Death Of 22.

She talks to herself, lamenting romeo’s nature as a montague. According to the biblical narrative, there were no other people alive at this point other than him and his parents! See answer (1) best answer.

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